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Innovate to survive


We have seen the same amount of changes in the last 20 years than we saw from Industrial Revolution to 20th Century.

In the past, companies lasted centuries, nowadays 10-year-old company is considered almost historical.

But new companies and those who want to survive need to jump on the bandwagon of innovation.  Closing eyes will not slow down evolution.

Markets, industries and clients are dynamic and now more than ever we need to deeply know their behaviour and serve what they demand.  It is no more a product but a customer focused world.  And this applies not only to consumer but to the b2b market.

Brands and products are there to satisfy and deliver not only solutions but experiences.  Those who fail to supply them will not survive.

Delivering experiences and complete satisfaction requires a great dose of consumer psychology, knowing deeply their behaviour, demands and journey, but also needs a company able to see changes coming beforehand and reacting and adapting quickly to those, always maintaining restrained costs.

Failure may come in many ways

  • Failure to adapt to a changing market and customer base.
  • Failure to recognise the need to evolve their brand and product range.
  • Failure to revise the way they manage and run the business from a cost and efficiency business.
  • Reliance on existing customers and practice.
  • Failure to promote and market in the relevant areas and with suitable investment.

It is a scary and demanding scenario where only the best in

  • Knowing consumer
  • Managing effectively and efficiently
  • Cost efficiency

Will to Survive

To do so, you need the tools to support you.  Here is where a good, reliable business management software comes into place.

Knowing your customer behaviour and being able to deliver experiences, one to one marketing based on their expectations and needs through all your channels is a must. To engage you must keep relevant and to keep relevant you need a tool that works two ways:

  • Giving you a 360º view of clients, from visiting your site, to purchases, returns, contacts to customer care, etc.
  • Giving your clients seamless experiences through all contact points, from site to POS, either they reach you through mobile devices, telephone, desktops or physically. Offering them customised offers, enjoyable UX and time effective visits.

You need to convert big data into real, individual knowledge.

Managing effectively requires analysis of great amount of data.  But siloed and outdated information may lead to the wrong decision, either in terms of goal or cost.  Causes of a variation in revenue can vary from a wrongly designed compensation plan to marketing, failure in the supply chain, underutilised CRM…. Having a real-time system able to store and link data across all departments and show relevant metrics on business, products, services and people provides the tools to a strong and business focused decision, making you agile and able to move quickly, deciding changes that help you respond in bad times and make you stay ahead in the good ones.

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