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Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create secure web pages for intranets and team projects without writing a single line of code, providing shared workspaces to make your team more productive. Creating a site is as easy as writing a document, and there are hundreds of pre-built templates to choose from.

Google Sites

Whether you are sharing calendars, documents, presentations or videos, Google Sites makes it easy to collaborate and to locate the information you need.

Key features

  • Intuitive editing – creating and updating sites is as easy as writing a document, and you can choose from hundreds of pre-built templates.
  • Fine-grained permissions – only authorised people can view and edit the site. You are able to set different access lists for different pages of each site, so a partner or vendor could only see pages that are relevant to them.
  • Extensive storage – Google Sites comes with a quota of 10GB plus an additional 500MB for each user, so you never run out of space.
  • Easy customisation – use Google’s template gallery, Google Apps Scripts or create your own HTML or JavaScript gadgets to customise your site to your needs.
  • Powerful search – it is quick and easy to find the pages that you need using the built-in search function.
  • Secure and reliable – includes features such as encrypted connections to Google’s servers, real-time file save, simultaneous replicated storage for your sites, built-in disaster recovery and fine-grained sharing controls that let you share your work with the right people.

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