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Cloud ERP

What is cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP is enterprise resource planning software which is accessed from anywhere at any time via the internet. Rather than purchasing and installing the ERP software on your own servers at your business premises, it is stored in a cloud provider’s data centre instead.

Cloud ERP is accessed via an internet browser, which enables your employees to easily view and record data on the system from wherever they are working that day, provided they have an internet-enabled device. Employees working remotely have exactly the same access as those employees in the office – gone are the days of VPN connections providing slow and limited remote access to your data.

ERP software is used to manage all of the key aspects of your business with a single system, including:

  • Accounting & finance
  • HR & payroll
  • Inventory & supply chain
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

By using a cloud ERP system, and taking advantage of the anywhere, anytime access, you can react to any business challenges quickly and make decisions based on real-time information.

NetSuite is the world’s number one cloud ERP software suite.


How can NoBlue help with cloud ERP?

NoBlue has been giving IT consultancy advice for more than a decade and we have been a NetSuite Solution Provider since 2010. Whether your focus is on accountancy, customer service, sales or stock levels, we can devise a solution to help run your business efficiently.

We will treat your cloud ERP project by looking for solutions to problems you face rather than just giving you a product – providing a tailored system that will run your business more efficiently and integrate fully with your operations.


Contact us about your cloud ERP project

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