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Retail and B2C eCommerce businesses face particular challenges when it comes to sourcing technology – finding a system that integrates everything from inventory and customer service to invoicing and business planning can be a nightmare.


How can we help?

With over a decade of experience working in partnership with retail clients, we have an established track record of helping businesses boost revenue per employee, increase the accuracy of inventory records, and improve eCommerce capabilities.

NoBlue’s serverless enterprise solutions draw on the best products to create a bespoke package that meets your needs exactly. So whether your focus is on inventory management, streamlining accounting processes or improving your customer experience on and offline, we seek to provide you with a tailored solution that brings the most benefits to your particular business.


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NetSuite for retail companies

NetSuite for Retail offers businesses all the tools they need to manage every aspect of their operations, from inventory and order management to shipping and returns. It also enables firms to consolidate activities and create a true omnichannel experience that offers a great service no matter how consumers choose to interact with a company.

Create an omnichannel experience with NetSuite for Retail.

Retail software that can provide a high quality omnichannel experience is vital in an environment where customers are more demanding than ever and will not put up with any delays or inconvenience. However, by using NetSuite for Retail’s unique range of capabilities, you can get visibility into every aspect of your operation. The ability to view this at any time, from any device, means you’ll have easy access to all the solutions you need to help your business grow.

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NetSuite for retail companies data sheet

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If you are wondering whether NetSuite is suitable for your business, would like more information, or if you have any queries about how we can deliver you a tailored solution, please get in touch by completing our contact form or by calling 0115 758 8888.

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