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Pay monthly for your NetSuite costs

NoBlue has made it possible to pay monthly for NetSuite implementation and product licenses. By allowing customers to pay monthly, the upfront NetSuite costs are removed, making it a more manageable investment.

Spread your NetSuite costs by paying monthly for product licenses and implementation services.

Here’s how it works

We will invoice you for implementation, and NetSuite will invoice you for your subscription licenses. Our chosen finance provider will then pay us and NetSuite directly, and you will pay the finance provider on a monthly basis.

  • The cost of the implementation plus 3 years of annual subscription licenses can be financed
  • The payment term is typically 3 years, but can vary based on individual requirements
  • It is possible to finance the full amount plus VAT
  • Eligibility criteria is available on application. Rates and terms may vary

Example agreement:

Here’s a typical payment plan with our finance option:

  • £22,000 implementation + £10,800 annual subscription licenses
  • Total cost over 3 years = £54,400
  • Monthly cost with finance option =  £1,810 per month for 36 months

(Please note all figures above are excluding VAT)


Tax advantages

There are tax advantages to taking out a lease agreement:

  • Assets remain off your balance sheet, which is the preferred method of financing for most UK businesses; keeping your debt-equity ratio low
  • One major advantage of leasing is that 100% of the rentals can be offset against your Corporation Tax

This means that often leasing will work out more cost effective than paying cash.

For example:

£10,000 + VAT cash price


Payment in full due on demand or on credit terms.


  • One payment in advance followed by 35 payments of £330.00 + VAT
  • Weekly equivalent of £76.15
  • Corporation Tax Relief of £2,376.00*
  • Net Cost of Financing = £9,504.00

*Assumptions are made about your company tax rate (assumed at 20% for this example). All figures are used for illustration purposes only. Please confirm your tax rate with your accountant and discuss how leasing will work for your specific business.

Contact us about paying monthly for your NetSuite costs

If you’re interested in finding out more about paying monthly for your NetSuite implementation and product licenses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.

For information on NetSuite’s pricing structure – how it works and the costs you have to consider – please visit our NetSuite Pricing page.