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NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore unifies all channels such as eCommerce, retail and call center, offering an impeccable shopping experience for your customers and offering a true singular commerce experience.

As technology advances so has the shopping behavior of customers, no longer a simple or linear funnel but a long and complex process to purchase. Customers now have and expect access to what they are wanting to purchase by mobile, tablet, desktop and in person. After all, if a customer has been loyal to a specific business, why should they only be rewarded online for their purchases but not for the purchases made in store or even over the phone?

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore unifies the shopping experience

Given customer retention is more valuable than customer acquisition, unifying the shopping experience to make it easier for customers should be a priority for expanding SME’s. With NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore you have the ability to view the true history and value of a customer. You can see there full purchase history, which store they purchased from, what they have ordered online or even through the phone, giving you the ability to have a true representation of the relationship between customer and business.

With eCommerce you tend to deliver information through digital means, call center based operations tend to phone up valued customers with offers but with NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore you have all the information of a customer in the palm of your hands. Equipping your sales associates with NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore allows them to offer the best service possible, they can see if the customer is in to return an item they purchased online, if they have a digital discount code and want to use it in store and plenty more.

Some of the NetSuite InStore benefits

Putting customer interactions above customer transactions

A customer isn’t always looking to purchase when they go to your eCommerce website or even to your physical store. They may have purchased from your website before but looking to exchange the item or get a refund. Netsuite SuiteCommerce InStore removes the barrier’s between different channels, allowing refunds and exchanges to be processed regardless of where or how it was purchased.

A common practice in recent years is for customers is to create a wishlist of what they are looking to purchase online, some of them may go into one of your stores to check the quality of the products or ensure it fits their needs but spend ages flicking between wishlist and shelves, trying to find what they found online. This hampers the customers experience even though it’s not necessarily your businesses fault that they can’t find what they are looking for. With SuiteCommerce InStore a sales associate can pull up this wishlist, helping the customer to identify what they saw online and potentially upsell other products which are relevant, taking a negative experience caused by a customer and making it a positive experience resolved by your store.


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