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Consignment Stock Management for NetSuite

The sale of goods by consignment is more popular than ever and the ability to manage and report on hundreds of different locations is now possible with our NetSuite Consignment Stock Management SuiteApp.

One of the main benefits our NetSuite Consignment Stock Management SuiteApp provides is giving you a true representation of the consignment inventory you currently stock whilst managing accounts upon sale.

As ownership passes from consignor to consignee and then to the customer through sale, our SuiteApp updates all relevant documents such as the general ledger, profit and loss accounts as well as updating stock information itself, allowing you to have a much more clear representation of your accounts and inventory as a whole.

NetSuite Consignment Stock Management allows you to consolidate your inventory into a singular, integrated system along with accounts and our NetSuite CRM. This means you get accurate and complete inventory, accounts and sales information in real time, updating relevant documents to reflect the sale of a consignment product without the difficulty of manually updating profit and loss, balance sheets, general ledgers and inventory control systems.


Key benefits of our Consignment Stock Management SuiteApp:

  • Accurate reporting – report stock on your balance sheet across hundreds of different customer locations. Consignment stock belongs to you up to the point where it is either consumed or sold by the location owner. This SuiteApp ensures that is accurately reflected on your balance sheet.
  • Accurate profit and loss – use the powerful features within NetSuite to get full classification of sales and stock, profitability and turnover from native NetSuite reports.
  • Easily and efficiently replenish consignment stock locations – each location can have a separate profile depending on specific customer requirements and at each stock-count, replenishment and billing is automatically triggered for approval.
  • Built on the NetSuite platform – NetSuite customers can manage their consignment stock directly from within NetSuite.
  • Increased sales through vendor managed inventory – work with your customers to create a profile against their requirements and a complete view of the products you sell at each location. This is then monitored by your staff, the results of which trigger replenishment and billing within the NetSuite system.
  • Prioritised Stock – shift stock which is already purchased and owned over consignment stock effortlessly
  • Manage stock on the go – being cloud based, you can access all information in real time whilst on the go, away from the office or on a smartphone/tablet device

Whether you run multi-location inventory, native to the core product, or wish to take advantage of advanced inventory features such as reorder points, lead times and seasonal cycles, the Consignment Stock Manager will use as much of the functionality as you have available.


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