Why Use ERP Software?

Why use ERP software?

What is NetSuite’s ERP software?

ERP software (or ‘enterprise resource planning’ software) allows you to manage key aspects of your business with one system including accounting & finance, HR & payroll, inventory & supply chain, project management, and more.

Since you are managing your key processes in one place, you can run your business more easily and efficiently. And because ERP software is often modular in design, you can continue to build on your system as your company grows and your requirements change.


Why use ERP software?

Seamlessly link all your key business processes

Historically each department in a company would have their own separate system designed to complete their own tasks, resulting in inefficiency across the organisation and poor communication between departments. ERP software eradicates this problem by linking your key processes in a single solution, which means better communication, improved efficiency, fewer costly errors and less time and money spent on training.

Easy access to key business data

Having your business processes linked means it’s much easier to get a comprehensive view of your business and customers. Since the data is available from a single location, it saves you having to search through different systems and spreadsheets for the information you need.

No more duplicated effort

The problem with working with several different systems and spreadsheets is that the same data often has to be entered multiple times. When everyone is working on the same system, efficiency is improved and the number of errors is reduced.

Powerful reporting and search capabilities

ERP software provides incredibly powerful reporting tools and search capabilities because it incorporates all key business data from across the whole organisation. This means, provided you have the access rights, you’re able to locate any type of data you need from any department quickly and easily. You can then create accurate reports on key aspects of your business such as financial projections and customer satisfaction.

How can NoBlue help with your ERP software?

NoBlue has extensive experience helping customers implement cloud-based technology that transforms business processes and eliminates duplicated effort, resulting in more efficient teamwork, increased productivity and higher profits. The ERP software we offer is NetSuite ERP.

If you would like to find out how ERP software could improve your business, please get in touch by completing our contact form or by calling us on 0115 758 8888.