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Payments less complicated – fully integrated with NetSuite

Valitor enables its customers to receive payments across online, in store, mobile and MOTO sales channels. This makes it easy to combine channel data to generate customer level reporting, enable click and collect, return to store processes and enhanced personalisation. With complete freedom over your checkout design, support of local and international payment preferences and cross channel customer reporting, Valitor helps you put customer satisfaction at the core of your business.

Key Features

Supporting 50+ local and international payment methods with just one integration.
Valitor provides seamless, adaptable, device-agnostic payment pages. Receive post-settlement reporting and reconciliation data automatically.

Improve Conversion Rates
Offering a fully customisable checkout page, which you control for a truly unique checkout experience.
Lower Operational Costs
Automatically reconcile transaction data for in-store and/or online payments to provide full transparency over costs and settlement.
Fully Flexible Solution
Valitor allows for all the great customisations such as checkout design, integration formats and gives you full control of your payment flow.
What Makes Valitor Unique?

At Valitor, we take care of our customers’ payments, which means they can focus on buying and selling. We remove complexity from payments, using our own technology, solutions and regulated services to help merchants and partners stay focused on their business. We handle multiple payment methods seamlessly, remove the compliance burden from our merchants and provide excellent customer service. We are pan-European, operating across 22 European countries. Our Fraud solutions are provided by world-class suppliers and we offer our service direct to retailers, but also go to market through strategic partnerships. Valitor serves Pan European and Global customers with a single integration no matter what location they operate in. Merchants count on Valitor’s Omni-Channel Payments Solution to provide them with secure encrypted omni-channel tokenisation that make their reconciliation process easy.

With offices in Denmark, Iceland and the UK, Valitor are your partner of choice for payments.

For more information visit: https://www.valitor.com/omni-channel-payments/


50+ Payment Methods
Supporting over 50 of the most popular international payments methods, it's never been easier for prospective customers to complete the purchases they want.
Remove Payment Limitations
Valitor allows its customers to take payments internationally and across any industry, method or mechanisms requested.
Some Little Wins
Valitor do what they can to make the whole payment process more simple and rewarding for you. Some other benefits include a greater ability to accept payments, improved reporting, streamlined operational costs and the list goes on.

Looking to take payments to the Omnichannel era?

We can help alongside Valitor 

Valitor and NetSuite
The perfect payment solution to combine with NetSuite

Fully integratable with NetSuite products, Valitor packs a host of features to help manage your payment processes. Combined with NetSuite ERP, SuiteCommerce, OneWorld or InStore, Valitor can ensure a high level of security and data privacy whilst reconciling accounts and optimising your customers checkout experience. Integration is made simple too, our team of NetSuite developers can easily integrate the payment solution across all products, giving your customers a truly unique payment experience.

We’re happy to talk…

If you would like to know more about the NetSuite or Valitor product, one of our consultants would be happy to speak with you at a time that suites you by either phone or email.