NetSuite Release 2019.1 Highlights

NetSuite latest version now available! Upgrades for clients will take place on rolling basis until April. The new NetSuite release includes a new user interface design, as well as enhancements for SuiteAnalytics, SuiteTax, SuiteCommerce. Make sure to add the upgrade portlet to your home dashboard. Download the NetSuite Release Notes, and watch the features overview below.

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Digitalise the management of your company

Digitalise the management of your company Prepare for the return of summer and update your business management software! As a company matures and its business grows, so does the number of processes necessary for its management on a day-to-day basis, as well as the information that is generated, or in other words the “paperwork”. And…

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Integrating eCommerce with NetSuite

Already have an online store? Do you consider expansion beyond eCommerce? Don’t let your existing systems hold back your growth. Ok, you’ve got the best in class UI and UX website and online store, now what? How will you manage stock levels, process orders, market your clients or link touchpoints to round up customers’ whole…

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NetSuite to Boost the Software Industry

As the measuring of Information Technology evolves towards a more integrated ecosystem of applications and infrastructures, more players enter the scene. The purchasing decision is made more on the basis of the added value, price and convenience over that of performance and characteristics. The added value provided by IT retailers and distributors is demonstrated from the…

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