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Amazon Dash Launches in the UK Allowing for One-Click Purchases


Amazon have launched their Amazon Dash replenishment service in the UK exclusively for Amazon Prime customers. Having previously been released in America, Amazon Dash is the latest “internet of things” service to make everyday commerce more simple.

Launched on the 31st March in America, Amazon Dash allows customers to order everyday essentials at the click of a button and have them delivered to their door within 24 hours.

How does Amazon Dash work?

The replenishment device is very simple to use. It’s roughly the size of a memory stick with a button, LED light and hook. Granted there is technology inside the device which requires a WIFI connection but the idea is simple, when you run out of everyday essentials like toilet roll, you click the button and tomorrow you have more toilet roll.

The LED light turns on once the button has been clicked to let you know you have re-ordered an item and stays on until your item is delivered, whilst the hook is there to make it easier to place near the products you re-purchase.

To set up the Amazon Dash device all you need is the Amazon App where programming it to reorder a specific product is simple. Once you have selected the product you wish to reorder, you’re all set. There is even a security feature to prevent children (or people that can’t resist bashing buttons) from randomly ordering things, the Dash sends a notification to your phone making it simple to cancel an order should you not have placed it.

Look how easy it is in the video below.

Simplifying everyday purchases

At the moment users will be limited to just what brands they can order from. There are 48 brands in total which include the likes of; Ariel, Finish, Kleenex, Pedigree and more. The main focus seems to be little commodities we use daily such as washing up liquid/tabs, air fresheners, pet food, toilet roll, nappies etc.

Judging by how well Amazon Dash has performed in America, their product range includes much more brands which should soon come into play in the UK allowing us to replenish more of those important essentials.

Each branded replenishment button costs £4.99 but for your first Amazon Dash order, you are discounted £4.99 essentially making it free should you use it. This is for individual brands as well so it could cost £9.98 to have both the Ariel and Finish button but you would receive a £4.99 discount for each one.

The director of Amazon Dash, Daniel Rausch, said: “There is no retail therapy in buying toilet roll or bin bags. It’s just work. We wanted to take the one-click experience from our website and put it right where people need it most, in the home, near the products that run out. So that buying them is no longer work.”

What’s next?

Amazon have been working with several companies to make everyday commerce even more simple but these projects aren’t expected to be released any time soon. Amazon’s ultimate aim is to make the reordering process automatic.

Working alongside Brita, they are trying to develop a water jug which can automatically re-order the contents once it’s levels drop to a certain point. For now, this may seem ludicrous and to an extent, pretty pointless but it does give an insight for the future.

As well as working with Brita, Amazon are working with several other companies where automatic reordering could become a reality. One of which is a printer that can recognise when you’re low on ink and automatically reorder the relevant cartridges, this would be perfect for active businesses.

Who knows what else Amazon are working towards? Amazon Dash is just the start of an internet of things revolution where one day, we may not even have to move to spend our hard earned money.

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