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How cloud computing is changing your industry for the better (Part 4: Franchises)


To wrap up this multi-part feature, our concluding article takes a look at ways in which cloud computing is helping franchisees run their business more effectively. If you haven’t read the penultimate article or previous ones, feel free to do so with the links at the bottom of this page.

Remember, a business that is part of a franchise may very well operate within any of the industries we’ve already mentioned below, so it’s always useful to check those out. But the franchise business model is quite unique in many respects, with it’s own set of complexities, and the cloud is having a significant impact for the better.

The Impact of Cloud on franchises – 3 reasons to adopt cloud computing

Anywhere accessibility

Remote access may not be exclusively beneficial to franchises, but where else is it going to be of greater importance? Sure, anywhere accessibility is useful to just about any business, but for franchise owners it’s imperative.

With access to key areas across multiple franchise sites, comparative views can be performed, assessed, and important business decisions effectively made – removing barriers in what would otherwise be a lengthy, complicated, and potentially inaccurate process.

Tighter security

When an entire franchise can be compromised by the failings of one site’s data security, the entire chain can go out like a set of Christmas lights. Cloud computing aims to resolve that issue by centralising data across the whole franchise.

With a greater centralisation of data storage, there is be less room for error or a breach of security. In addition, data in cloud systems are safely backed up and stored to prevent any loss of data from an on-site accident or hardware malfunction.

Integrated applications

Disparate IT solutions across multiple franchise sites leads to inefficiencies and inaccuracies, not to mention a loss in capturing critical data that could yield improvements in performance. Having a network that works within the same framework, communicates with one another and is housed in the cloud, the franchisor can achieve a uniform goal of end customer service across their entire network.

Along with the end customer experience, the franchisor can use the cloud to establish a system of collaborative communication among the franchises – whether that’s tracking customer interactions across multiple franchise sites, processing customer orders from one site and organising collection/or returns at another site, or anticipating the best way of marketing based on gathered information. The end result not only makes things more streamlined for staff carrying out tasks across multiple sites, it improves customer service and strengthens brand name.

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