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Customer Spotlight Part 1: Water For People


Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting NetSuite customer stories from a selection of industry sectors – Showing you how they are using NetSuite to improve, grow  and manage their businesses. Enjoy!

Our first “Spotlight” is based on US based charity “Water For People” (WFP).

Water For People’s focus is to develop drinkable water, promote sanitation services which are accessible to all, and to sustain relations with all forms of communities, businesses and people – In order to supply underprivileged area’s with one of life’s most basic commodities, water.

It’s so hard to imagine that over 800 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. With a further 2.4 billion people not having access to sanitation services such as boilers, sinks or even toilets. With around 1/3rd of the world’s population deprived of certain sanitation facilities, Water For People have a monumental challenge on their hands and needed something to help them scale up their operations.

Identifying The Challenges

Other than the obvious challenge of fulfilling their mission, Water For People needed something robust to help manage their business operations so they could concentrate on implementing systematic change across the world. Pre-NetSuite Water For People were using on-premise solution which made certain tasks difficult to manage such as tracking funding and expenses, time management, consolidating disparate data sets and automating processes which took considerable time for staff to perform.

One of the major issues Water For People faced, along with many non-profits out there was justifying spend on an enterprise resource planning software whilst showing a transparent overview of their finances and how this spend directly benefits their goal. is committed to supporting non-profit enterprises, offering grants as well as a software donation, free resources and expert volunteers to help non-profits grow.

As Water For People show clearly in their finances, they are now able to account for every pound (or dollar) spent along with assets and company information.

NetSuite OneWorld Provides The Solutions

Working in coherent partnership, have helped implement OneWorld ERP to allow WFP to focus on what really matters to them, making a difference! OneWorld is the perfect cloud solution to help manage donations and finances coming in from all over the world.

Working in 9 different countries, OneWorld helps WFP to manage and distribute funds generated as well as automating financial reports, different taxation’s, currency management and languages. Improving financial visibility and control to support development of sustainable projects, OneWorld has shown huge impact on the way WFP operate.

Some other success generated as a result of NetSuite;

  • Matching financials to specific projects and budgets vs reporting improves country specific projects
  • Enabling monitoring and consolidation of international subsidiary locations with the ability to drill through all details
  • Processing multi-currency transactions from different countries
  • Easy access to all of Oneworld’s features from across the globe thanks to the accessibility of NetSuite’s cloud software
  • Over 65 employee’s at Water For People can access financials, expense reports, purchase orders and more at any one time.

Making the decision to switch from an on-premise solution you have become familiar with to a relatively new infrastructure and a cloud based solution was a pretty bold move, especially back in 2008 when the cloud was up and coming.

Since making the switch, Water For People have come on leaps and bounds, helping millions of people all over the World, along with more recent projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and India.

With the continued support from NetSuite, the NetSuite community and the people who share the same beliefs, we hope Water For People carry on making a substantial difference to the world, improving the lives of millions one day at a time.

If you would like to know more about what Water For People are aiming to achieve, to get actively involved or to donate to their cause, please visit

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