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How to Mitigate Risk during your ERP Transformation – Oracle NetSuite and SuiteSuccess

Avoid Risks in your ERP Transformation


When looking at new and often more developed systems for your business, how do you know when to make process changes, adapt to the ERP expected processes, or customise to fit what you do now?

This is a very stressful decision-making area, as with many systems you would require significant re-work if you change your mind later in the lifecycle of the given system.

In my experience, it is often the people at the sharp end who have had to manipulate the old systems to make things work and to ‘get the job done’ that are often resistant to change as they are worried that a new system and process will challenge the way they feel they need to work to achieve their given tasks.

The issue with a growing business is that you really do need to have systemised processes to allow business continuity, especially where you might experience churn in staffing areas. As businesses have increased requirements around audits, be that ISO or financial, these processes and defined workflows provide huge support to remain compliant.

This is where I see NetSuite being a serious consideration with two different approaches:

NetSuite ERP with chosen modules and configuration


In relation to the comments above, NetSuite offers the agility to adjust your processes and adopt new workflows, product types, sales channels, warehousing etc, without the need to cause major re-work.

It also offers the ease of adding fields required to segment data and reporting, all without heavy consultancy costs.

Agility to meet the needs of a growing and changing business, is a key strength of the Oracle NetSuite offering.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess – Financials First, Software, WD and Manufacturing

We are now lucky enough to be able to offer this format of NetSuite. SuiteSuccess comes with 3,000+ hours of best practice configuration for the given sectors to allow a solid and efficient transformation taking advantage of many years of experience with other clients in those verticals.

The ability to enter into a 100 day go-live plan with a progressive step change and adoption policy following this, allows a business to implement quickly and trade effectively, whilst enhancing during the subsequent steps to success.

This model does allow for exceptions to the standard model but keeping these to a minimum during the initial phase, will provide the best value and timing.

These packages also offer excellent value as they include configured SuiteSolutions and Bundles, that would otherwise need Professional Services to implement these at additional cost.


If you are exploring options for new systems, you should of course assess the marketplace and run through a due diligence process, but if any of the issues detailed above resonate, NetSuite should at the very least be on the list.

Need help with your ERP Transformation? Need more information on how SuiteSuccess can boost times and have you live in record time? We are certified to implement this unique approach to digitalization and provide results and figures from clients who have implemented NetSuite in similar business. We are happy to talk to you and show you our system, not only in figures, but also walk you through its functionality and possibilities, so you get real view of its advantages. Get in touch, I will be happy to talk to you.

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