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SuiteWorld 2017: Day1. Next Starts Now!


Next Starts Now

After waiting 368 days and with SuiteWorld making the 528 mile event relocation, we find ourselves in Las Vegas for quite possibly the biggest SuiteWorld to date! Day 1 kicked off with a similar feel to it with registration and fellow NetSuite’ers getting through the doors at 7am to collect their name badges and begin networking.


The 4th #Hackathon4Good started at 9am and runs for 12 hours with developers and project managers working together to do some good in the world. This years nonprofit organisation was Brightpoint Health which provide integrated healthcare and social support services to people in New York, particularly those who are troubled by poverty, discrimiation and lack of access to health care.

With a 9 hours of brainstorming and developing prototypes, teams would present their ideas to a board of judges who would go on to select their winners.

Partner Kickoff

Amongst all the action of the hackathon, the lot of attendees (just over 1,100 people!) headed to the partner kick off event which started with Ray Wang speaking about the the future of present of digital transformation. Some of the key takeaways were;

Of global 2000 engaged in digital transformation
Of CXO’s expect to increase 2017 budgets
Of digital transformation projects have a data component
Of projects led by Chief Digital Officer

One of the growing trends with digital seems to be mid market businesses are more encouraged to make the transition to the cloud and move away from on-premise solutions which hamper growth over time. In the chart above, Ray goes on to show how the cloud has been growing for the past couple of years and as a result, mid market businesses are budgeting for more cloud based product.

As well as a run down of how businesses are committing to the digital transformation, NetSuite reveals this years partner awards and partner of the year awards.

5 Star Solution Provider Award

If you haven’t seen it already, NoBlue has been awarded with NetSuite 5 Star Partner distinction and received recognition as the Fastest Growing International Partner.

Day 2 Preparation and Suite Reveals

Day 2 for SuiteWorld has always been renowned for it’s big technology reveals, keynote speakers from industry leading experts and of course, a fantastic opening show. Just last year we had a fantastic drum display and being in the entertainment capital of the world, we expect this years to be even bigger. If you’re not able to attend the event in person, you can still live stream all of the action from Sin City itself using the information below;

1:15pm – 2:15pm (9:15pm-10:15pm BST time)

Get to Next: What’s Coming for Software featuring Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Development, Oracle + NetSuite.

9:00am – 10:30am (5pm-6:30pm BST time)

Next Starts Now! featuring Jim McGeever, Executive Vice President, Oracle + NetSuite and speakers:
Jason Maynard, SVP Strategy and Marketing, Oracle + NetSuite.

1:15pm – 2:15pm (9:15pm-10:15pm BST time)

Full Speed to Next: The Future for Product Companies featuring Jim McGeever, Executive Vice President, Oracle + NetSuite.

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