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SuiteWorld 2017 – Viva Las Vegas


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NetSuite have officially announced that SuiteWorld 17 will take place between April 24th – April 27th and the event next year will be hosted in none other than “The entertainment capital of the World” LAS VEGAS.

SuiteWorld 2017 is coming to Vegas!

So far little has been announced regarding SuiteWorld 2017 other than the dates and location but the fact they have moved away from San Jose (SuiteWorlds resident host City) to adapt the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas shows just how big an event it has become.

Whilst SuiteWorld is much more than just another technology conference, SuiteWorld 2016 had plenty on offer to keep attendee’s enthralled and entertained. With rock performances including megastar Ozzy Osbourne! Also part of the fun was an outdoor racetrack for people to test ride URB-E‘s and 86,832 meals being packed for Stop Hunger Now. Las Vegas will provide the perfect platform for a mixture of entertainment and information on a much larger scale.

Countdown to SuiteWorld 2017


What to expect for SuiteWorld 2017?

At this moment in-time unless you’re one of the individuals that’s organising the event it’s neigh-on impossible to say what NetSuite have in store for us… But we can hazard a guess.

SuiteWorld 2016 was the first year to introduce keynote speakers which were industry focused, giving a much deeper insight into what matters most to different businesses and we’d expect more of the same for 2017. Industry specific speakers went down a treat with those who attended and allowed for a more focused conference.

Whilst there will be plenty of announcements around NetSuite, they have always managed to perfect the blend of news, entertainment and charity. With how well Stop Hunger Now did in San Jose, there will no doubt be another way to give back during SuiteWorld 2017, possibly featuring another one of NetSuite’s nonprofit’s?

Entertainment seems to be a focus for NetSuite during these conferences and now they’re on the big stage of Vegas, they will no doubt up their efforts to make it the most memorable one yet.

Mark your calendars

Are you looking to attend SuiteWorld 2017? Great news – You can already register your interest in the event for updates and announcements —>  follow the link and enter your details.

Don’t forget to check our blog for all things SuiteWorld 17 related. We will do our best to inform you of any changes, additions or news relating to one of THE biggest event of 2017.

Vegas Baby!

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