Utilising NetSuite to maximise your pop up shops potential


Pop up stores are rapidly becoming more popular within retail and when done right, they can offer plenty of benefits to help boost business. Whether your goal is to amplify your companies reach, offer a physical platform for your products which are primarily online based or take advantage of a season/festival which compliments your brand, pop up stores are being used by businesses of all sizes.

A great example of a well thought out pop up shops. The 2018 World Cup is happening in Russia, both Adidas and Classic Football Shirts have opened these temporary retail heavens offering travelling football fans the opportunity to purchase memorabilia, goods and sporting products tailored to their interests. After all, if two countries are playing one another Monday in Moscow, you can really tailor the store for those two teams sets of fans. Should a different game be playing on Tuesday then changing product display’s and the store’s focus should be easy given the pop-up store would be much smaller and easier to manage over the short term.

Advantages of NetSuite for pop up shops

As well as dealing with the generics of setting up a pop-up store such as the design, location and general operation, there are aspects in which the right business management system can help you to manage.

Real-time inventory management

Being a temporary store you can’t transport all stock to an isolated location. You need to be flexible with how you manage your inventory and how you can offer this to potential customers.

NetSuite gives you the ability to temporarily deduct stock take to your pop up event as well as being able to reallocate stock not sold, automatically reorder low levels of stock with or without the temporarily deducted stock, sell stock from other locations and gives you real-time access so you can interact with customers with true accuracy.

Cross-channel functionality

Being at an event for a limited amount of time, you want to engage with your audience and maximise your sales routes. With NetSuite’s endless aisle model you can entrust staff with kiosks giving them the ability to pull up customers information, process sales and marketing information and show products which are similar to the customer’s request, all in an easily portable tablet or mobile device.

Not only are the benefits reaped within the pop-up shop but customers are able to order online for collection at the store, allowing them to try it before committing to purchase and encouraging local customers to come down, opening upsell opportunities and strengthening your brand engagement.

Offline order processing

Nothing is worse than investing time, effort and money in an event just for something out of your control to go wrong. Whether the power cuts out, there’s an internet outage or something happens to disrupt services, NetSuite is capable of working through these problematic issues.

Thanks to advanced caching of data, NetSuite is capable of working offline for a temporary period of time and then processing orders, stock and payments once back online. In fact, all data stored by NetSuite through a standard or portable PoS system is synced as if there was never any disruption to service.

Additional NetSuite benefits

Being a cloud-based business software suite, NetSuite ties together every cog in a multi-channel, multi-locational business giving your retail, eCommerce and business processes the environment required to thrive.

Whether you’re services or product led, some other benefits NetSuite can provide when planning a pop-up shop are;

  • Supporting multiple locations or multiple pop-up shops, deducting stock and reconciling accounts for both
  • Intuitive dashboards and analytics give you the best insights into performance, forecasting and budgeting
  • Central management of pricing and promotions for quick and reliable updates
  • Buy, fulfil and return orders from any location across any device
  • Dropship capabilities as well as multi-level pricing to accommodate both B2C and B2B sales
  • Lower cost and less hassle than on-premise business management systems, allowing for much easier use within a pop-up shop environment

NetSuite helps remove the limitations other business systems impose which allows for a dynamic, reactive management system whether you’re wanting to manage multiple pop-up shops during a busy period, test the water for a brick and mortar premise or open up limitless options with the capabilities ready and waiting.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants if you have any questions about how NetSuite can have a positive impact on your retail business or to know more about how NetSuite can help broaden your trading locations.

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