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noBlue partner Abacus

Beautiful catalogue & e-commerce website.

Abacus Manufacturing Group contacted us to help them produce a truly modern ecommerce experience for their Trade Customers.

Abacus Manufacturing Group |
Abacus Bathrooms Website by NoBlue
About The Client

Abacus Manufacturing Group contacted us to help them produce a truly modern ecommerce experience for their Trade Customers. The result, a beautiful catalogue site that communicates perfectly with NetSuite thanks to our in-house developed platform.

Abacus Bathrooms and Elements Wetrooms are fantastic brands delivered by Abacus Manufacturing Group Ltd. The company, based in Harrogate, can be considered one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and specialist distributors of bathroom and heating products, supplying to the merchant, retail and contract sectors.


Project Challenges

Abacus Manufacturing Group tasked us with the design and development of an ecommerce website that would bring the brands of Abacus Bathrooms and Elements Wetrooms to their Trade customers. The catalogue site offers a clean and responsive window into their products, with our design team working closely with Abacus to produce a website that is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Our team were really able to add value when it came to connecting the sites products to Inventory in a NetSuite back-end. Layered behind an authenticated login process, dealers are able to access their very own catalogue of products driven directly from NetSuite. This process allows users to communicate directly with live stock, order and pricing information in the system which also provides Abacus with the ability to unify web and offline orders in NetSuite where they will also be accounted for.

Key Features
  • A bespokely-developed printable Moodboard and Dealer Locator that allows window shoppers to find Abacus-Accredited Resellers.
  • An ecommerce site that does the accounting for Abacus. Rather than an integration, places orders directly into NetSuite where they are added into NetSuite’s unified accounting system.
  • A website designed responsive from the get-go. allows trade customers to place orders on any of their modern platforms; mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Everything stored in one place. Thanks to it’s incorporation with NetSuite, Abacus don’t need to duplicate any Item Records. All the information for the website is stored in the same system everyone at Abacus is using, making live stock estimates accurate and providing the ability to manage Customer Support on one platform.
Abacus Bathrooms Website by NoBlue

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