Equipping Businesses With Modern Financial Management Systems

NoBlue can provide your brand with the number 1 cloud financial management solution from NetSuite.

When it comes to financial management, there are some common pain points that most accounting teams face. Some examples include:

  • Time consumed by manual processes: The more longwinded your tasks take, the less time can be spent on how your business can use your funds to grow your brand.
  • Lack of real-time access: Without the full picture in real-time, you’ll struggle to make decisions that will positively impact or protect your business.
  • Duplicated workloads: Financial management systems that operate offline mean that you run the risk of team members from your finance department carrying out the same tasks multiple times.

By using NetSuite for your Financial Management, as part of a fully integrated ERP system, you will also have access to the full NetSuite offerings — including order management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce, streamlining your critical business processes so that you can run your entire business with a single solution.

NoBlue has been helping companies overcome these pain points and more. As NetSuite partners, we help brands understand how their current financial processes could be streamlined in a way that works for them. The accounting software we provide and help you set up can free your finance team up to work on additional strategies to drive growth for your business.

What are the 3 Benefits of Financial Management Software?

There are numerous advantages to upgrading your financial management software – and not just for your finance teams. Here are just three:

1) Real-Time Visibility

When you opt for cloud-based accounting software, you can work off real-time metrics. That means that your business can make better financial decisions based on the most accurate information. The more up-to-date your data is, the better you can drill down into underlying details to understand how the business is really performing against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Real-time visibility also means more accurate budgeting forecasting, which can also be automated, freeing up your team even more.

2) Quicker Financial Closes

The year-end is an incredibly busy time for any finance department. The automation available with modern finance management software allows your team to focus all of their attention on the year-end, resulting in a smoother, less stressful experience for your staff. Thanks to the customisable dashboards available, your team will have everything they need to hand to comply with accounting standards.

3) Improved Organisation

We work with NetSuite to provide an ERP solution that allows you to grant user access to certain financial management tools. This means that your team won’t waste time trying to track down precisely what they need while disregarding a multitude of modules that are of no use to them, but incredibly useful to other teams.

What is Financial Management Software Used For?

Financial management software is used to:

  • Make transactions swifter.
  • Reduce time spent on budgeting and forecasting cycles.
  • Ensuring financial and tax compliance.
  • Real-time visibility of your business’s financial performance – which can be tracked against your revenue goals.
  • Store important customer information (such as card details) securely in line with financial compliance.

Here are some additional ways a complete financial management solution supplied by us can be utilised:

Why Choose NoBlue As Your Finance Management Software Provider?

While there are many core accounting processes that every business must comply with, every company will have their preferred way of operating. When you choose us to provide your financial management software, we work with you to streamline your approach and ensure your new system is working for you.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped previous and current clients and how we can help you too.

Remove Manual Processes and improve risk management

Manual processes are cumbersome and prone to error. Even the slightest inconsistency can result in hours of work later down the line. With a financial management solution from NetSuite, you can automate many of your manual processes, saving your team time and reducing the risk of human error wreaking havoc with your reports.

Improve Data Accessibility

If you employ numerous people in your finance department, you need to ensure that everybody has access to the information they need to perform their daily tasks. The accounting and financial management solution we provide allows you to custom-build dashboards so that each team member has exactly what they need close to hand at all times.

Gain Compliance

Never fear a financial audit or year-end again. The financial management system we provide will ensure that you’re operating within the law at all times.

While financial operations are made smoother thanks to customisable dashboards as discussed above, you can also ensure that any information certain members of your team aren’t privy to remains safe and secure. This ensures your financial compliance and guarantees that all of your business operations are in line with GDPR.

All-In-One Software Applications

We’ve discussed upgrading your financial management software, however, the software we provide comprises numerous business management solutions. We offer comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps all of your team members work together. With customisable dashboards and specific user access, our solution helps your finance team to work more closely with your marketing and customer support departments for one streamlined approach to business growth.

Scale Up

As NetSuite partners, we can analyse your current system to help you identify efficiency gains to incorporate into your new system. We can then ensure that your software solution will help improve your existing processes while removing any features that won’t benefit your business.

The last thing you want is to invest your money into a solution that will improve business operations now but not in the future. NetSuite software solutions are so popular because you can add to them as your company grows, meaning your brand won’t outgrow your cloud-based financial management software.

NetSuite, solving your challenges

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We will work with you to help you gain clearer business intelligence in a streamlined way that connects departments, reduces error and saves time. If you want to find out more about how we can help you upgrade your current financial management system, or implement your very first management software, book a demo with a member of our team.

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