Today, consumers are more demanding than ever. They want to buy when and however they want, through any channel – without sacrificing comfort, choice or price.

In such a fierce sector, where local companies compete with multinational giants, it is necessary to have the right tools to face the challenges under equal conditions. Not only being able to design an omnichannel strategy for the client, but have the internal processes to support it.

A comprehensive system, capable of integrating POS, Ecommerce, CRM, marketing, order management and inventory, BI and finance has become an absolute minimum.

NetSuite for Retail

Retail is rapidly transforming, and retailers must keep up to date if they want to be competitive. In a challenging market where customers look for seamless experiences and instant gratification, spending is reducing and costs rising, retailers must rethink the business and be prepared to face new changes. Not only investing in online but refreshing core systems and developing appealing one to one personalised offers.

Digitalisation is no more an added value but a must. Most of the client’s experiences are digital by default, and so must be processes to support it.

More than a decade helping retailers implement a proven solution with the flexibility to meet company’s growth demands without sacrificing real-time multi-channel customer data and business information. 360 degrees visibility across all channels from a single platform allows better customer’s understanding and thus design an engaging UX strategy, regardless location and the channel they use to browse or buy.

NetSuite has been specifically modelled to transform retail and make your business be more efficient, agile and profitable, moving from a product-focused physical store model to the multichannel model focused on the customer. It offers retailers all necessary tools to manage every functioning aspect, from inventory and order management to shipment and returns, no matter the channel -POS, ecommerce, phone, social- offering and optimal service and creating true omnichannel experiences.

Over a dozen new projects over the last 2 years make us qualify as best choice.

NetSuite can rapidly transform your retail enterprise

Key Benefits

  • Single, integrated solution to manage your entire retail business.
  • Complete 360-degree view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Supports multiple locations, channels and brands from a single platform.
  • Full featured and mobile-ready POS.
  • Powerful ecommerce capabilities on any device.
  • Central management of all pricing and promotions.
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all channels.
  • Cross-channel order management and fulfillment.
  • Marketing tools to target and segment offers.
  • Easy customization for your specific retail requirements.
  • Lower cost and less hassle than on-premise retail systems.

Key Area Functionality

Deliver Seamless Cross-Channel Functionality
Support cross-channel processes such as buy online/pickup in store, buy online/return to store and order in store/fulfill from anywhere. NetSuite’s single commerce platform enables you to bridge the gap across channels and satisfy today’s consumers.
Transform In-Store Experiences

NetSuite transforms the in-store experience and delivers true omnichannel shopping with a modern POS solution that unifies the physical and digital shopping experiences. Using a mobile device, empower your sales associates with complete inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales and provide a satisfying shopping experience.
Engaging Commerce Experience on Any Device
NetSuite makes it easy to deliver a personalized and engaging experience to your customers online with any device— desktop, smartphones and tablets, using our SuiteCommerce platform. Build a high-impact web store from the ground up with simple-to-use tools.
Business Ingelligence

Retailers can manage their businesses with key metrics and make timely, fact-based decisions with dashboard analytics ranging from inventory and sales reports to expenses and marketing campaign ROI. All statistics can be viewed as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots and trend graphs in real-time.
Get Closer to Your Customers

Get a 360-degree view of each customer to deliver personalised service and marketing, increase loyalty and provide relevant, engaging shopping experiences. See purchase history, communications with your company and channels used to interact: online, brick-and mortar store location or a sales representative. Client’s self-service options to view their online purchase history, reorder and find answers to their questions 24/7.
Campaigns and Promotions

Extensive marketing campaign and promotional capabilities to help you find new customers, encourage repeat business and increase average sale size. Highly targeted, personalized email campaigns; paid and online search and affiliate marketing. See revenues and ROI in real-time. Upsell and cross-sell functionality to offer add-on products at the register or in the web store. Promotional capabilities: i.e. multiple discounting options, volume pricing and customer-specific discounts.
Order Management is the Heart of Your Business
Meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere while maximizing profitability by centralizing order management and having a single view of inventory across all channels and the supply chain. NetSuite Order Management provides the ability to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and optimizing inventory.
Unified View of the Business
With NetSuite, transaction data flows from all of your retail channels to your warehouse and procurement departments. Invoice and expense data flows to the finance department and customer data flows to the marketing department. This gives the appropriate people in your organization real-time visibility into sales, inventory and customers across all channels and facilitates better decision-making.

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