What Is Cloud Computing?

What does cloud computing mean?

At its heart, cloud computing involves using a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data which is then delivered via the internet. In simple terms, this means users access information and other services that are held remotely, rather than on an individual’s hard drive or a company’s in-house server.

Hosted Cloud And True Cloud Software

Over the years, ‘the cloud’ has become an umbrella term used to describe any software that is delivered via the internet, but just because a solution is utilising cloud technology, this doesn’t mean it is what we would describe as ‘true cloud’.

True cloud solutions were designed and built from the ground up to be delivered via the internet. Hosted cloud software was typically built to be on-premise, but it has been reworked to be delivered online.

True Cloud Solutions
Hosted Solutions
Why Should You Consider A ‘True’ Cloud Solution?

When it comes to choosing a cloud solution for your business, the most future-proof option is true cloud. Real agility is company specific and needs the option to customise services to suit specific needs as and when required – it is only true cloud solutions that can deliver this level of flexibility.

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