NetSuite Release 2019.2

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NetSuite release 2019.1 will take place until April. See
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NetSuite release 2019.2

New features for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distributors, Retailers, Software Companies,
Service Companies, Media and Publishing, Nonprofits and more.

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Feature highlights for manufacturers

The Supply Chain Control Tower and Snapshot Simulations are two new features to help enable visibility with a single view of complex supply chains.

Advanced Manufacturing features include Enhanced Production Unit of Measure (UoM) to enable recording of production quantities, inventory status for inventory allocation for specific work orders and serialised components to record assembly build data fromthe shop floor.

There is also the introduction of Quality Queue Customisation on NetSuite’s Quailty Management tablet to provide users with the ability to identify and prioritise inspection activties.

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Feature highlights for wholesale distributors

Updated NetSuite WMS mobile solution includes enhanced picking capabilities, order release feature and faster processing.

Advanced Manufacturing that offers Production Unit of Measure (UoM) which establishes unit conversions.

Supply Chain Control Tower which provides a single view of the state of your supply chain which identifies critical supply chain issues, pre-configured supply chain KPIs to track the health of the business.

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Feature Highlights For Retailers

New features for retailers include SuiteCommerce extension framework which includes  scrolling on category pages, infinite display on an item’s product page, side-by-side product comparisons and order status.

SuitePromotions’ New Quantity Discounts include new access to quantity discounts, whether a discount can be repeated and where the discount should apply.

Personalized Catalog Views for e-commerce websites. This toolset allows merchants to segment customers and deliver personalized access to a determined set of products.

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Feature Highlights For Service Companies

With the new release comes enhancements to Advance Project Budgets which includes Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  that displays costs and revenue in customizable time periods for profitability monitoring.

The introduction of Project Workback Schedule, which offers automatic calculation of project start dates based on scheduled end dates and hours required. Work Forward scheduling is also available in addition to this, with project end dates determined based on start date and hours scheduled.

Enhancements to the Resource Allocation Chart Grid support custom segments to optimize resource management.  The Lock Timesheet Period feature improves security and enhances control over timesheet data.

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Feature Highlights For Software And Internet Companies

Transform operations with Advanced Project Budgets, a single-source project budget management tool.   This includes Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which displays cost and revenue in customizable time periods for profitability monitoring.

There are also updates to Utilization Reporting and Resource Allocation which includes, Utilization Targets that showcase performance indicators for each employee,

Intro of Rules-Based Revenue Recognition, which allows customers to define revenue recognition attributes based on their own specific set of rules.

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Feature Highlights For Advertising, Media And Publishing

Project Resource Utilization Target feature enables services business to define utilization goals for billable employees.

With the new release you have the ability to manage your global intercompany relationships with partners and vendors with ease using the Multi-Sub Customer/Vendor functionality.

With enhancements to Advanced Project Budgets, a single-source project budget management tool, you can allow for budget versioning and planning. It also facilitates the simplification of complex billing arrangements

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This document summarizes the changes to NetSuite between 2019.2 and the previous release.

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