Financing NetSuite

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NetSuite is a cloud based software solution that allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, eCommerce and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

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Pay monthly for NetSuite costs.

NoBlue has made it possible to pay monthly for NetSuite implementation and product licenses. By allowing customers to pay monthly, the upfront NetSuite costs are removed, making it a more manageable investment.

Here's How It Works

We will invoice you for implementation, and NetSuite will invoice you for your subscription licenses. Our chosen finance provider will then pay us and NetSuite directly, and you will pay the finance provider on a monthly basis.

Spread your NetSuite costs by paying monthly for product licenses and implementation services.

Example Agreement

Here’s a typical payment plan with our finance option:

(Please note all figures above are excluding VAT)

Tax Advantages

There are tax advantages to taking out a lease agreement:

This means that often leasing will work out more cost effective than paying cash.


£10,000 + VAT cash price



*Assumptions are made about your company tax rate (assumed at 20% for this example). All figures are used for illustration purposes only. Please confirm your tax rate with your accountant and discuss how leasing will work for your specific business.

Explore NetSuite products that can fit your company.

For a number of years, we have been working with clients in a variety of sectors to develop their tailored solutions and
manage their NetSuite implementations. Whether your focus is on accountancy, customer service, sales or stock levels, we can devise a solution to help run your business efficiently.