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NetSuite is a cloud based software solution that allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, eCommerce and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

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SuitePayments: Credit Card Acceptance With NetSuite

Support credit card use for invoice payments, phone orders and eCommerce checkouts with NetSuite SuitePayments. NetSuite SuitePayments enables businesses to take credit card payments, further extending the capabilities of the suite and helping firms automate more of their business processes.

This provides businesses with greater efficiency and control to make sure all operations run as smoothly as possible. The system provides a single solution to allow businesses to handle credit card processing through all of its sales channels. Full integration with NetSuite order management and the ability to manage all the actions involved in accepting credit cards automatically make for a seamless business process.

Key Area Functionality

Users of NetSuite SuitePayments will be able to consolidate all of their payments, whether they involve a NetSuite eCommerce store, one-time invoice payments or recurring subscriptions. SuitePayments offers firms real-time access to updated accounts, inventories and customer records, so there is no reason to maintain additional processing software or equipment.

Being compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)rules is essential for any firm handling customer financial information. NetSuite is a registered PCI DSS-compliant solution and is regularly assessed by an independent, qualified auditor. This gives firms the necessary peace of mind to accept credit cards and, as the data is stored by NetSuite, they do not have to worry about upgrading their own systems.

The solution also features a robust fraud management tools to minimise the dangers posed by criminals. NetSuite uses sophisticated screening methods to assess every order for potential red flags, which means companies can process orders faster without having to send them for manual review, without having to compromise of safeguards. Firms can also set their own rules that are right for their business and quickly update these if new concerns emerge.

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