NetSuite CRM

Customer Relations Management

NetSuite Customer Relations Management (CRM)

NetSuites Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution helps you to manage relations with potential and present clients. In simple words this is a tool to help you use your address book efficiently to relate and understand them. CRM allows you to classify clients, automate contact and events depending on the behavior, number of visits, interactions and many other factors.

The NetSuite advantage

Complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organisation-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and eCommerce in a single CRM system. Forecasting, up-sell and commission management – helping to improve sales performance. A comprehensive view of each customer – increasing customer service levels and reducing case resolution times. And unlike typical CRM solutions, NetSuite CRM+ includes powerful sales performance management, order management and partner management.

NetSuite CRM Features

Plan, manage, execute and track campaigns rapidly and in real-time to maximise the value of your leads and opportunities.

  • Lead capture from multiple sources, including websites, search engines, email, direct mail and events.
  • Email marketing—from creation to execution to measurement—in one system.
  • Campaign analysis through full reporting and statistics. ROI calculation from the start of a campaign to the final order transaction.
  • Facilitates upsell marketing through analysis of historical purchasing combinations.

Manage opportunities across status, potential revenue, key contacts, notes, related documents and more.

  • Complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline.
  • Contact and activity management needed to capture detailed records of all interactions.
  • One click processes to convert leads into cash.

Case management automates the business processes associated with customer support  case  assignment,  management and escalation.

  • Supports routing and tracking support cases according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer.
  • Knowledge base helps customers get the answers they need, aids customer rep training and education, and drives service consistency.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting to monitor resolution metrics, renewals, and customer satisfaction.
  • Online self-service enables customer case submissions, status tracking, communications
Manage your customers more efficiently with NetSuite’s CRM

NetSuite Datasheets

If you’re wanting to learn more about NetSuite and it’s products, the datasheets below provide a perfect starting point for all.

NetSuite CRM Modules

NetSuite when used in conjunction with the full ERP offering takes the CRM functionality and allows it to be utilised with Vendors, employees, partners and any other relationships you use within the system. This allows a powerful central communication hub for your entire business process flow.

CRM+ Advanced Project Tracking Module

NetSuite Advanced Project Tracking lets you manage your professional services organisation more effectively by integrating project tracking and reporting with a sophisticated customer relationship management system. With NetSuite, you can automate project creation when specific services are sold, and automatically track percent complete and time budgeted and spent on project tasks. Reports for utilisation and backlog help you analyse your employees’ workload and efficiency.

Demand Planning Module

NetSuite Demand Planning enables businesses to effectively meet anticipated demand for goods, something that is a vital part of a strong inventory management procedure. If firms are not able to do this, they may frequently find themselves carrying either too little or too much stock for current conditions.

Incentive Management

NetSuite Incentive Management allows businesses to improve the creation, monitoring and payment of sales commission plans. This enables sales teams to access a clear view of their incentives through automated commission reporting tools, which ensures that all personnel understand their incentives and how these align with wider business goals.

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