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NetSuite is a cloud based software solution that allows you to bring together all of your key business processes such as your accounts, customer management, eCommerce and stock management into one, easy to use piece of software.

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Engineering Lifelong Customer Success

Optimised SuiteSucces package within 100 days.

Combining 20 years of industry leading knowledge with NetSuite’s unified business solution, Suitesuccess is a revolutionary platform designed to encourage customer engagement, streamline business operations and solve unique, industry specific challenges.

SuiteSuccess is deployed via an intellegent, staged process to allows companies to consume capabilities based on their current needs. This streamlined consumption model encourages faster time to value, better ROI and a much greater adoption of the system. Companies can now go from nothing, or their current system, to a a fully unified, industry optimised SuiteSucces package within 100 days.


Key Benefits of SuiteSuccess

Plan, manage and develop your business on a platform built for your industry. Whether it’s wholesale and distribution, apparel, publishing or more, NetSuite has a SuiteCommerce platform developed to excel alongside your business.

  • 20+ years industry knowledge has helped NetSuite evolve into an industry-tailored platform which is then further tailored to your individual business. We don’t do a one size fits all solution
  • Remove the common headaches and functionality issues with key features created specifically to tackle your industries biggest challenges.
  • Start edition of SuiteSuccess to accommodate small businesses looking to rapidly grow. This offers all the functionality of large business management system, with the cost and usability of a smaller one.

SuiteSuccess knows not all users need to see the same information. That’s why the start edition offers custom dashboards based on a users job role, allowing them to access all the information they need with minimal effort or training.

  • An “All” user role enables you to control all aspects of your system instantly, allowing for faster deployment and grows as your business does.
  • Finance and accounting roles give your CFO. Controllers and Accounting Managers access to all of your relevant financials with a streamlined dashboard and the ability to automate key financial processes.
  • Sales managers and reps can also have their own user account. This helps to identify higher profits, improve liquidity, process payments and ensures compliance when handling user data.
  • Item management role is ideal for warehouse and purchasing managers, allowing them to evaluate stock at a glance as well as setting up automate purchases during expected low stock periods.

To help increase deployment time NetSuite has created over 95+ out the box roles and reports which can be further edited to offer increased personalisation for each business or user.

With real-time transparency into your companies performance, SuiteSuccess gives you a holistic view of everything that’s important allowing your business to focus more on growth instead of maintenance.

SuiteSuccess offers something traditional ERP systems just can’t match, an instant return on investment. Simplified maintenance eliminates the need for an expensive IT infrastructure as well as reducing downtime to ensure your employee’s and business don’t lose out.

As well as maintenance, regular updates are rolled out across the cloud platform ensuring SuiteSuccess complies with all laws and regulations without it costing a pretty penny to meet compliance.

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SuiteSuccess: Dominate Your Industry

Utilising an all new transformative model, SuiteSuccess blows other vendors out of the water with more than 3,000 hour worth of industry leading best practices built into your account from day one. Tailored to your industry, NetSuite is offering business a new way to scale and operate.