3 things businesses need to consider before joining the cloud

Making the switch to a cloud based solution can be daunting for most businesses, because of this it’s imperative to make sure the big switch not only runs as smoothly as possible but that the solution is right for your business.
All to often we have witnessed business owners hastily make the switch without considering the costs involved, level of planning needed to ensure it is successful and overlooking important details which in turn, costs both time and money. There is a real pressure on businesses to be be “the first” at something, whether it’s implementing a cloud based business solution or to jump on the bandwagon of whatever buzz product/service is making the loudest noise in their industry. Because of this, we have compiled 3 key things to consider before making the switch which could potentially save your business a lot of time and money.

  • Is the cloud secure enough for your business?

A lot of businesses have concerns or a stereotypical view that the cloud isn’t secure enough to host important data. In actual fact they couldn’t be more wrong, when you are using a cloud based solution or provider you are also paying for them to backup your important data on a daily basis. A lot of time, investment and resources are put into ensuring cloud based solutions maintain the latest protection and security, this is one of the main reasons as to why many of the outdated anxieties about making the switch to the cloud are now a dying trend.
Whereas the cloud is becoming one of the most secure ways to host data, there are still some key questions you need to ask yourself. Why sort of data are you will be hosted on the cloud? Where will your data be housed? Are there any restrictions that may make it difficult to host your data on the cloud? there’s no denying that the cloud isn’t the right solution for all business, public authorities or local organisations handling private healthcare information for example may find this an issue to adhere to due to the sensitivity of the information and data stored.

  • Are you testing the solution thoroughly?

If you were to buy a car you would want to take it for a spin before making any commitments. If you were to buy a house you would view it first. When considering a cloud based solution, you should thoroughly test the features and ensure the solution is the right fit for your business, your needs and any future developments you may encounter.
Not only the solution should be tested but the solution provider should as well. There is no harm in asking a couple of difficult questions for hypothetical situations or asking them to address the main issues as to why you are migrating to a cloud based solution. When switching to the cloud you are making a commitment to change the way in which your business handles and processes information, forming a good relationship with the solution provider and knowing they have extensive knowledge of their solution could prove vital in the long run.

  • Does the solution provider understand your business needs?

Different businesses require different needs, the data hosted can vary from industry to industry, the requirements of a cloud solution varies depending on the size of a business and no two businesses are the same. The solutions provider’s job is to offer the best solution and service they can, that is after all what a business pays for.
So, does the solutions provider understand your needs and your industry? Are there intentions to offer you the best solution possible that your business can also develop into? When working with a solutions provider ask to see what work they have previously done which closely reflects your businesses needs.


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