5 signs you’re ready to move on from Microsoft Navision

Having the information you need at your fingertips can make a huge difference to productivity and ultimately competitiveness, which is why choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is so important. But is the solution you chose as a start-up company still meeting your needs? Here we identify five signs you are ready to upgrade from Microsoft Navision.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or Navision as it is otherwise known, is one of a number of options for small businesses requiring a complete and easy-to-use ERP software solution, and it is used by nearly 100,000 companies around the world.
However, as businesses grow their needs change and become increasingly complex, and as a result many find that their old software no longer meets their requirements and they are in need of a new, more scalable solution. Here are five signs that your business is ready to move on.

1. You are looking to grow to multiple locations or trade internationally

If your business has ambitions to expand into new territories, you’ll need an ERP software solution that can grow with you and cope with the complexities of operating in other countries. You may find that Navision, which is better suited to small businesses, cannot keep up with your aspirations. Indeed technology analyst Gartner has said that Navision is the best match for single-site firms.
NetSuite on the other hand is designed specifically to meet the needs of fast growing businesses. Because it’s not an on-premise solution, it requires much less infrastructure and hardware than Navision, which is good news for companies looking to establish sites in multiple locations. All they need to get up and running in a new location is their devices and a decent internet connection.
NetSuite is designed to make it easy to run multi-site operations, manage subsidiaries and improve overseas trading due to its ability to work with multiple currencies and deal with different tax rules and reporting requirements. Its flexibility means you can add or remove capabilities as and when you need them, which means it will work for you now and, as it is upgraded twice a year every year, well into the future as well.

2. You need to report in real-time with confidence

Being able to report on the activities taking place within your business as they occur is critical for identifying trends, resolving problems and moving your business forward in the right direction. But because of the way Navision stores and accesses information, getting a complete view of everything that’s occurring throughout your business at any given moment can be tricky.
NetSuite, on the other hand, provides real-time dashboards and its integrated nature makes it easier to get a full insight into all operations, providing up-to-the-minute reporting and analysis across all areas of your business, from financial divisions to marketing.
This gives you the ability to gather information from across your entire company and store it in one easily-accessible centralised location. Having the right information at your fingertips no matter when you need it or where you are located will not only speed up essential processes, but it can also help to guide decision-making.

3. Your staff need to carry out their jobs whilst on the move

In order for operations to run smoothly so that productivity is at its highest, staff need to be able to access full financials, run reports and carry out other key functions on their mobile devices on the move.
With MS Dynamics Navision this is not always possible, as users must have a rich-client application in MS Excel or Word. In addition, Navision only supports Windows-based mobile devices, whereas NetSuite supports Android, iPhone and iPad, Mac and BlackBerry too.
Navision is not built for the cloud, but NetSuite is a true cloud-based solution, which means it can provide real-time access to critical business data from anywhere at any time. This is essential if yours is a fast-moving business whose employees are frequently out of the office.

4. You need to automate your everyday business processes

In order to reduce bottlenecks and streamline core processes, it’s important to automate many of the day-to-day tasks that keep your business up and running. But with Navision, the fact that many of the key tools are not fully integrated with one another makes this difficult, if not impossible. Instead, users must gather all the information they need manually and input this into the right system in order to complete everyday tasks. This adds time and increases the risk of human error creeping in.
NetSuite, however, features a number of automation tools to make these processes simple. If staff no longer have to manually generate sales quotes and invoices, or maintain records and create work orders, for example, they can use their time more effectively in other areas of the business, helping it to grow and become more competitive.

5. You want to integrate your ERP software with your other business processes

Navision is simply a set of applications, and it does not offer packaged adapters to common customer relationship management software or financial solutions such as Oracle or SAP, making its scope limited. Furthermore, users of Navision have been hit by problems when using some bolt-ons, as they have found that they are no longer supported or updated by MS ISV partners.
NetSuite offers a vast range of applications that enable users to easily integrate their other business processes, including eCommerce, human capital management, service resource planning and customer relationship management. It has been designed to be used both standalone, as an integrated business management suite, or in conjunction with other business applications, such as Salesforce, SAP and Google Apps. So if required, you can integrate easily with your existing software.
If you would like further information about how NetSuite could help your growing business, please get in touch with our team of experts.
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