Advantages of a mobile management software

The profile of the average Internet user has changed a lot in a few years; and if we refer to the devices used, the use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets …) has undergone a real revolution. In 2009, the mobile connection traffic was just 1% compared to desktop computers; in 2017, 57% of all searches on Google came from mobile. As a result there has been an important development in the field of mobile management software.
For this reason, mobility has had an impact on day-to-day operations of companies that seek to acquire this capacity and enter the era of real-time communications. Fortunately, there are more and more solutions adapted to mobile phones, such as those dedicated to management systems, whether they are resource planning (ERP), accounting, relationship with customers (CRM), etc..
This allows any organisation to be able to respond to the new demands of consumers, who expect to have all the up to date information at their disposal in real time, and not when “they go to the office”. In this sense, the mobile management software tools suppose a double advantage, since not only do they make possible that access to the data is immediate, but also, they extend the scope of application to the mobile environment itself.

Management through mobile

As customers, the aforementioned dissemination of the use of mobile devices has brought about a change in habits: text messages, applications, email, browsers, geolocation services or social networks extend their reach to this platform; and that is also what we hope to find during a shopping experience.
For a business, if we monitor the activity of the service to customers through an ERP or CRM tool, moving this platform to a mobile environment opens up a new dimension of possibilities. From the perspective of the customers, they can contact us whenever and wherever they want, while we will have the full capacity of the software to control, manage and respond to each operation instantaneously, no matter where we are. In this way we can face any emergency and provide a solution through the same channel used by the client, without being hindered in the event that it changes from one to another (for example, if a conversation on the Facebook page is transferred to a phone call).
With the new Internet of Things (IOT) you can track any type of connection, which means having more data on the behaviour of our customers, to better understand their needs.

Advantages of mobile management software

  • Interoperability is the main key. If we think about capacity and flexibility, those that we find in a mobile management software extend to all planes. In terms of location, wherever we have coverage we can control any aspect of our business, be it an airport or road, or even in a customer’s own facilities. Likewise, cloud technology ensures that the available data is always up to date, whether it is used by commercial representatives, consultants, technicians, executives…

The field of application is equally broad, covering the manufacturing industry, distribution and direct sales companies, services sector, etc. For example, the representative of a brand can check the inventory while on a visit, and thus set a date for delivery of the products when the customer places an order. A technical service manager has the history of the attention given to a client at his disposal, with details of all communications, and can provide a more detailed analysis of his problem.

  • Better quality of customer service, to be able to provide customers with more relevant information using several channels.
  • Greater productivity, thanks to having access to all work tools, materials and information at any time and place.
  • Competitive advantage, due to being in the event with updated data, coming from the whole organisation, to help in making decisions.
  • More and more reliable data, since they cover all those that are susceptible to being captured through the mobile environment itself, and that information is collected natively through the tool, instead of having to enter it manually.
  • Adaptability, granted by the cloud nature of the software, which – as we mentioned in another entry – allows adjusting to the needs of each company over time, in terms of capacity or functions.

How to choose mobile management software?

When choosing a mobile management software, we must consider several aspects related to its operation. The first of them would be precisely that degree of “mobility”, that is, it could be a program that simply works through a web browser, with an optimised environment for these devices. In this case the advantages would remain in which it implies the power to use their tools outside the office, something that is not negligible either.
However, the greatest potential will be achieved with those solutions that provide truly native applications, both for Android and iOS systems. This way you can take advantage of the other tools associated with the features of smartphones and tablets, such as call log, contact book, geolocation…
Another important aspect is found in security, since a mobile phone can be lost more easily than a desktop computer. Two factor authentication, IP filter, data encryption, permission control… are some of the characteristics of the different mobile management software solutions to be taken into account.


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