Boost Staff Productivity With The Right ERP System

Whatever the size of your company, implementing an integrated ERP system can improve your productivity levelsHaving multiple, disparate systems can negatively affect staff – they can knock morale and segregate departments. This can lead to breakdowns in communicationshampering the smooth-running of a business. An integrated ERP solution can not only boost your businesses success but can also bring about a much happier working environment and tangible productivity increases. 

Improving communication and collaboration

Implementing an ERP system opens up communication channels in an organisation, allowing staff to share ideas and collaborate on group projects. This can help break down both social and professional barriers and promote cross-functional working. 

Achieving a high level of unity across departments – such as Finance & Accounting, Sales, HR and Marketing – requires these teams to be able to work well together. An ERP system ensures that everyone is working on the same, unified system and has access to a single database of information. 

Information is pivotal to business and sharing that information gives a better experience for all – staff, suppliers, partners and most importantly, customers. 

 As well as promoting more harmonious working across departments, the management team gains a better insight into projects and can more closely track how budget is being spent and whether KPIs are being met. 

Less Manual Input 

Manual data input and processing can be tedious and mundane. Having staff undertake this sort of activity can take a long time and depress staff motivation. It can also lead to costly mistakes. 

ERP software eliminates a huge amount of manual input. The system is capable of performing repetitive and mundane tasks automatically, freeing up time for your staff to concentrate on more important work and allowing them to be far more productive 

One System, One Interface 

Having multiple systems in use by different departments can cause problems for staff accessing the systems. It’s time-consuming and costly to train staff on your systems, but sickness and annual leave can sometimes mean that others need to be use a system so that a task can be achieved in a timely manner.  

If the business runs a single system, all employees can be trained to use it. It is then simple for everyone to perform many different tasks as the interface is the same. This familiarity means they will feel much more comfortable doing so, cutting down training time and ensuring urgent tasks can still be actioned without halting operations. 

Remote Access Across Devices 

Not everybody is in the office all day, every day. And the pandemic has meant many millions of us are newly working from home. But when you are out and about, or working remotely, information can be harder to come by. 

Remote access to data is vital, and it’s key that users should be able to log on to computer systems from any deviceSalespeople that need to update a client’s details on the go don’t always want to rely on carrying around a laptop or waiting until they to get back to the office to make a change on the system. Being able to do all this from mobile phone or tablet makes things so much easier. Changes can be made quickly and it’s simple to look up some information on the go. On top of this, the ERP system can be accessed from home, via just an internet connection and a browser, rather than having to go into the office and use software that is only available onsite. 

Remote access also makes it easier for your employees to work outside of normal hours. While you may not want to promote an “always on” culture, allowing your more dedicated and hardworking staff to access systems at any time can make them more productive. Quickly accomplishing a task that springs to mind over the weekend can free up employee time during the working week or help them to keep on top of their workload. 

Warehouse Productivity 

An ERP can help you to improve productivity in the warehouse. By tracking warehouse KPIs, you can see where you can improve efficiency and productivity in the warehouse. You can track and assess order picking accuracy, on-time delivery rates, cycle count accuracy and more. 

With warehouse management functionalityan ERP optimises your stock holding, ensuring you don’t have cash tied up in excess inventory. It can also ensurstock accuracy and help you better organise, handle and pick your stock. This increased efficiency makes for a more productive wholesale distribution operation. 

With the evolution of modern technology and the demands of running a business, implementing an integrated, cloud-based ERP solution could help your business to work smarter, harder and faster. To discover how an ERP system can boost your productivity,book an appointment now or contact us today for a free business consultation or a quote. 


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