How can NetSuite be used to deliver accurate pricing information?

In our related article “Challenges for suppliers of CNC consumables – providing accurate pricing information” we discussed the difficulties associated with frequent price changes and fluctuations, and giving your customers the confidence to know that the quote they receive will match their final order. Here we explain how NetSuite can help to make this process simple by using item pricing and price books.
Sometimes the most frustrating thing for a customer who has a long-term relationship with a supplier is the not knowing what their next order will cost. This could be due to fluctuations in price beyond your control – however at times it is also because there is no central point for pricing agreements, discount levels or information.
Fortunately, NetSuite has the native ability to deal with quantity price breaks and price levels & groups, and in doing so, takes the administration and guesswork out of accurate quoting and costing for your valued customers. NetSuite will automatically pull the proper pricing, based on your customers’ price groups, levels and quantity price breaks in real-time. Item pricing takes this a step further, and allows you to exert even more control over your pricing.

Item pricing

NetSuite allows you to control pricing down to the “per item”, per customer level which will supersede the other pricing rules. For example, you may want to offer a particular customer a certain product at a specific price – the item pricing tool allows you to override the price levels, groups and quantity price breaks and price the item exactly how you wish.

Price books

NetSuite will pull together all of the information, including quantity price breaks, price levels, price groups and item pricing, to produce an accurate, real time price list for your customers. This can be prepared and sent to them at the click of a button, or retrieved by them through the self-service customer portal.
This feature allows your customers to feel confident that they are getting an accurate price for the products they are looking to buy, and you can use the prices to easily put together quotes and proposals.
As a result of these features, your customers will not only receive a consistent level of service and be safe in the knowledge that your pricing will always be competitive, it allows you to tweak your offering to react to any attempts by your competitors to encroach on your market share.
If you would like to find out more about how NetSuite could help with the challenges associated with delivering accurate pricing information, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.
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