How can NetSuite help with operating a ‘drop ship’ business model

In our related article “Challenges for the wholesale distribution sector when operating a drop ship offering” we discussed some of the difficulties associated with using a drop shipping vendor, such as maintaining accurate stock levels and providing accurate pricing information. Here we explain how NetSuite is well suited to help with these challenges.
NetSuite can help you with:
1.    Accurate pricing NetSuite has the native ability to deal with quantity price breaks, and price levels & groups which takes the administration and guesswork out of accurate quoting and costing. Granular and specific item pricing functionality takes this a step further, and allows you to control pricing at the “per item”, per customer level. Having such control over your pricing is a huge advantage, if leveraged correctly, and gives you the confidence to know that the prices you are providing to your drop shipping vendor are accurate.
2.    Branded paperwork NetSuite gives you the ability to offer custom branded paperwork for your partners. This means that their sales and deliveries can be branded appropriately and helps complete the partnership between you due to the much more personal and bespoke offering. So whether you are marketing your other products or wishing them a happy birthday – this is done seamlessly in your customer’s name.
3.    Accurate inventory NetSuite provides real-time, detailed visibility into inventory trends, stock on order, supplier on-time performance, and vendor performance, along with detailed customer reporting and history. This allows you to efficiently manage every stage of the product lifecycle, and get stronger control of inventory operations so that you can be sure that your stock levels are always accurate. The “always up to date” inventory information is particularly important when you have an eCommerce partner selling your goods.
By using NetSuite, you are well positioned to stand apart from other providers by offering a smoother, more professional experience to all parties involved with the transaction. Timely and accurate fulfilment is made easy, and allows both you and your eCommerce partner to provide a high level of customer service.
If you would like to find out more about how NetSuite could help with stock levels, pricing, and branding, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.
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