Our top five articles about ERP software

If you’re thinking about investing in some new ERP software for your business, then you may find one or more of the below articles useful.
We’ve pulled together our five most popular ERP blog posts from this year so far into one handy article. Here we give you an insight into how ERP software has changed over the years, we try to help decide if you actually need it, and we offer tips on how to make your ERP project a success.
Take a look, we hope they help!
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ERP is dead, long live ERP

According to Gartner, highly customised on-site ERP systems will be relegated to legacy status by 2016. Reasons include a lack of flexibility, a lack of usability and high costs. Read on to find out why traditional on-premise ERP is becoming a thing of the past, and why cloud ERP is gaining popularity.
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ERP has improved immensely: A brief review of then and now

Historically ERP systems have been expensive, complex and difficult to manage, but this is all changing. Cloud technology is improving ERP in many ways. Here we compare how it was up until a few years ago, and how it is now.
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Why consider an ERP solution over accounting software?

Here we explain the difference between accounting software and ERP software, and attempt to help you decide which of the two you need. If you’re struggling to decide whether to go for a standalone accounting product or implement a full ERP solution, then this article is for you. Ask yourself these four questions, and you will be in a better position to decide.
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Why it’s so important to integrate your CRM with your ERP / financial software

As customer relationship management becomes more complex, it’s more important than ever to integrate your ERP / financial software with your CRM software. Fragmented systems mean a lack of visibility and may lead to you failing to deliver the level of service your customers now expect. Find out why this is and how linking your business processes can help.
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Don’t let your ERP project fail

Your ERP project is likely to be one of the biggest in-house projects you will undertake as a business. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t fail. In this article we take you through steps you should take before embarking on your ERP project, and we offer advice on how to make your implementation an ongoing success.
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I hope you find one or more of these articles useful when you’re evaluating ERP software for your own business. Please go ahead and share your own experiences in the comments box below.
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