Sage 100 reaches end of life in UK – what are your options?

Last month, Sage ended ongoing support for its 100 line of accounting software, following a lengthy wind-down period. While existing users will continue to be able to use the software, they’ll no longer be able to rely on support from Sage if they have any problems and it will no longer be patched.
Therefore, businesses that are still chugging along with the old software need to be seriously thinking about upgrading, if they haven’t already.

Why has it been discontinued?

Sage Line 100 was built for a pre-internet age and for several years now, it’s been given a much lower priority by Sage as users have moved on to more capable platforms.
The line was becoming more and more costly and difficult to support, so at some point, it was inevitable Sage was going to pull the plug. With the operating system that supports the software also reaching the end of its life, it would have been far more effort and expense than it was worth to update it for the modern world.

What does this mean for users?

As of April, companies can no longer add additional users or modules to their Sage 100 deployment – so if they persist in using it, this will effectively bring their growth grinding to a halt. This is something that is far from ideal at a time when many businesses are finally breaking free from the downturn and looking to expand for the first time in years.
The lack of technical and legislative support is also a serious issue. Users can no longer depend on Sage for updates to ensure that the solution remains compliant with any new regulations, while patches and other bug fixes will not be distributed.

So where should I turn?

Sage is encouraging its customers to upgrade to its 200 line, but firms may instead like to use this as an opportunity to examine other options and make a clean break from Sage. And one solution that every business should be looking at closely is NetSuite.
Unlike Sage’s outdated technology, this is a modern, fully cloud-based system that benefits from all the latest technologies – which are always automatically added to the software with no need for complex manual processes.
Users also won’t need to worry about going through the same end-of line process as they have just done with Sage. NetSuite has been designed to be a perpetual business management solution. With upgrades twice a year it is always at the cusp of the latest business and technology requirements. It will therefore always remain right up-to-date, giving companies a peace of mind they might not get with another option.

An award-winning option

The benefits of NetSuite are now widely recognised in the industry, and this is reflected in the numerous awards the cloud-based solution has been receiving recently. Among these, it picked up the prize for Best Financials and ERP Software at AccountingWEB’s 2013 Software Satisfaction awards.
Voted for by UK users, 87 per cent of respondents awarded NetSuite either nine or ten out of ten for overall satisfaction – allowing the product to beat out competition from Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One and Sage 200.

Key reasons to make the switch

Naturally, some firms may prefer to take a ‘stick to what we know’ approach and look at alternative Sage products to ensure their company can continue to operate safely in the future. But NetSuite has a wide range of features that will be attractive to Sage users and offers the same or higher level functionality than they had before.
Some of these include:

  • The ability to route approvals to the appropriate people, based on different criteria, and for them to carry out mass approvals
  • A more seamless bank / credit card statement reconciliation process against customer receipts and / or supplier payments
  • Automatic purchase order creation
  • Revenue recognition tools
  • Integrated credit card and direct debit payment processing
  • Advanced amortization
  • Recurring billing capabilities

NetSuite is used by businesses across a variety of sectors, including many stock exchange companies, for which fast, effective management of their accounting is essential to how they operate.
The above are just some of the many reasons why NetSuite is a great choice for firms looking to move away from Sage, and if you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.
You can also read up on NetSuite’s accounting and finance capabilities here.
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