SuiteWorld 2013 – Day 2 – NetSuite Solution Provider day

The day before SuiteWorld 2013 kicks off in earnest as the exhibitors set up their stands was taken up almost entirely by NetSuite talking about their international and localisation efforts and successes to the NetSuite Solution Provider community. And, my what a day; I will follow up with a more detailed analysis of this days events when I return from the conference but some of the salient points that were presented yesterday include:

  • Latin American Spanish is now the main Spanish focus for translation (due to a huge uptake that eclipses that of European Spanish at this time).
  • Japanese as a user language is growing massively as not only does NetSuite become more accepted as a solution in that market, the tax and financials capabilities over the course of this year have been invested in to a point where it is now superior to the locally available solutions.
  • NetSuite is working with a solution provider to translate in to Hebrew, opening the door to “Right to Left” languages. This forms part of their wider strategy to open up the platform to yet more languages and emerging markets.
  • NetSuite is used to transact in almost every country in the world.
  • NetSuite is accepted and validated in 29 of the 30 biggest economies of the world – the notable exception being Iran, where NetSuite are prohibited from servicing.

We also were fortunate enough to hear Andy Vincent talk of the further enhancements to the Electronic Payments functionality, now compliant with banks in more than 20 countries and with the ability to be customised to enable the feature in any banking system in the world – a truly automated means of managing multiple-subsidiary businesses from both centralised and distributed management teams that will really streamline this most laborious of tasks.
This lead us in to a really enlightening Q&A session with Craig Sullivan and Gary Weissenger as to the future of the platform – the main theme was consistent: Open it up to allow solution providers and NetSuite Partners such as ourselves to do even more with the system. It was a truly exciting session.
Given the enhancements and progress being made by NetSuite in this area really has reinforced our existing view that for any business wanting to trade, operate or interact on a global scale from a cloud-based ERP platform then NetSuite is and will continue to be an option that absolutely must be considered in any evaluation of systems of this type.


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