How can NetSuite help IT companies solve their problems?

IT services companies face a number of challenges. Here we go through two of the big ones – successfully managing IT support cases and calculating which customers are profitable. We then go on to explain how NetSuite, can help.

Managing IT support cases

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to repeat the same information over and over in an effort to resolve a query. And if this becomes a pattern, a business will have to deal with unhappy customers, or risk losing them altogether.
Keeping track of cases that have been submitted, assigning them to the correct personnel and escalating them when necessary is something that can be a tricky and cumbersome process if the right software is not in place.

How can NetSuite help?

NetSuite’s case management capabilities enable you to serve your customers quickly and efficiently:

  • NetSuite automates the processes associated with customer support case assignment, management and escalation. And automated responses keep the customer updated every step of the way.
  • It supports routing and tracking support cases according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer.
  • A knowledge base helps customers get the answers they need easily, without the need to submit a case.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting allow you to easily monitor resolution metrics, renewals, and customer satisfaction.
  • Online self-service enables customers to submit cases, track the status of their cases, and keep track of their communications.

By integrating your case management with your customer information and your financials, you get a 360° view of your customers, allowing you to provide a truly personalised customer experience.


Calculating which customers are profitable

IT services companies can find it difficult to work out exactly what each of their customers is costing them, particularly if they are providing IT support. If their case management system is separate from their financials, then despite being able to see the number of cases submitted from each of their customers, and the time and additional resources used to resolve a case, they are unable to easily calculate what this means to the business in financial terms.
And then when you take into account staff members carrying out additional project work for that customer, equipment purchase and expenses, things can get a bit tricky. They need to accurately bill their customers as well as account for these costs on their general ledger – all while working out which customers are profitable (and, of course, which ones aren’t!)

How can NetSuite help?

A single solution
NetSuite links your financials, customer information, project management and case management to give you a comprehensive view of your customers. This means you have a clear view of how much each customer is costing you, allowing for accurate billing and accounting. This, in turn, gives you a true view of profit.
Accurate job costing
NetSuite’s job costing features allow you to calculate costs for labour based on tracked time, and account for those costs in your general ledger. When an employee enters time worked on a project into NetSuite, the cost of that time is calculated based on the employee’s labour cost.
Profitability reporting
Project profitability reporting enables you to assess what has been billed and recognised as revenue, associated actual costs and profitability. Budget vs. actual reporting allows you to track budgets against actual transactions, including actual labour costs.
Real-time dashboards
Real-time dashboards and reporting mean that you can monitor all of this information easily and at a glance.
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