Box helps digital marketing firm improve file sharing

If you need to share large files with clients, having a modern, advanced solution is essential. After all, when you’re dealing directly with customers, you don’t want to be relying on old, out-of-date technology.
This could give a bad impression of your firm and lead to your clients believing you aren’t a progressive business, while in practical terms, slow file-sharing affects your productivity and makes collaboration more difficult.
One company that had this problem was digital marketing agency Eveo, turned to Box when it needed a solution to move away from old-fashioned file transfer protocol (FTP) sharing solutions. The firm provides products and services such as animations, videos, mobile apps and websites to the pharmaceutical industry and therefore frequently needs to share large files for customers to review.
A major issue with this is security, which is a particular concern to Eveo due to the highly sensitive nature of the information being transferred. This could include classified details of unreleased products as well as sensitive information such as doctor and patient records.
With the firm’s previous FTP solution, all employees had to share a single login and password, which meant it was impossible to see who was accessing the data. However, as Box offers individual logins for each user and full logs are kept, the cloud-based sharing service was able to greatly reduce this problem.

James Bambauer, director of IT at Eveo, explained: “What’s great about Box is it keeps great records of everything that’s going on, we can control who has access to what [and offers] complete transparency of every file on our system.”
Other benefits of switching to Box are that it is brandable, easy-to-use and does not require clients to install any additional software – a key consideration for Eveo as many of its clients operate strict policies prohibiting the use of outside applications such as FTP solutions.
As clients are now also able to watch video files such as videos in their browser without having to download them first, Box also makes it easier and faster for customers to preview files directly on the cloud-based service.
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