5 factors to consider when choosing a NetSuite partner

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Today’s organisations are turning to NetSuite to not only provide them with a unified business management solution to meet short-term goals such as improving efficiency and productivity, but its agility for scaling-up and adapting as a business evolves means that it offers the capability for clear alignment towards long-term strategies. From new organisations adopting the cloud as their first solution, to businesses who are digitally transforming their infrastructure from costly and labour-draining premises-based IT solutions – NetSuite is providing that competitive edge which is vital to thrive and grow in today’s world.
Choosing the right solution for your organisation is the first step towards implementing a robust strategy, but also choosing the right team to take along with you on your journey is also vital for long-term success. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a NetSuite implementation partner:

1. Number of years established

Take a look at how many years they have been implementing NetSuite. Are they well established? Partnering with a provider which has several years in the industry will give you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in order to make the transition as smooth and as seamless as possible. Partnering up with a new provider without experience behind them may result in longer implementation times, which may affect profitability and especially in the case of scale-ups can stunt visibility and growth.

2. Industry specific experience

At NetSuite’s core is flexibility to enable it to be tailored towards any industry. With this however, comes a broad range of implementation possibilities and so the process and requirements can vary vastly between businesses. When seeking out a NetSuite partner, choose one which has good experience and successful implementations within your specific industry. Knowing this is chartered territory for your NetSuite partner will give you that extra sense of security and confidence throughout your implementation.

3. Expertise

The great thing about NetSuite is that it is highly customisable and offers a vast number of integration possibilities. However, these capabilities are actually determined by the expertise of your chosen NetSuite partner. If they are highly skilled, this will reflect in the potential solutions available to you. Check their case studies to discover if their implementation types vary greatly. A large range of different customisations will indicate they are a highly skilled team.

4. Certifications and Awards

An instant way to review the credibility of a NetSuite Partner is to first check if they are certified. Certified partners means they work closely alongside NetSuite, are trained and assessed to NetSuite’s own standards and have access to an array of resources.
Next check if they have received any award statuses. The highest award available from Oracle NetSuite is the 5 Star Award. Choosing a partner with this status means you will be working with one of the best partners worldwide as it is only awarded a few companies who have shown excellence in sales, service and support of the NetSuite product.

5. Methodology

As well as expertise it is good to get an idea of their proven methodologies. How is the project going to be structured and managed? Are they able to guide you through the various module options available and explain how you can get the most out of your customised solution? Can they run through demos? All these guidance activities should enable you to be sure that your investment is in the right hands for both short-term and long-term success.
Making a decision on which NetSuite partner to use for your implementation can be made easier with the above steps. Choosing one which is well experienced with the expertise, industry knowledge,implementation methodologies in place along with an award status will indicate that you are working with the right partner to take your business to the next level.

NoBlue 5 Star NetSuite Solution Partner

NoBlue has more than 20 years’ of providing bespoke software development and general consultancy and 9 years exclusively implementing NetSuite in a wide range of industries. Over this time the experience and expertise gained enables clients to attain customised solutions with confidence.  With proven methodologies clients are able to receive the guidance and support required throughout their initial implementation to set them on the path for long-term success utilising NetSuite. With a team consisting of Certified ERP Consultants and Certified SuiteCloud developers, organisations are able to make a seamless transition towards the cloud based solution. Dedication and a strive for excellenceis demonstrated through the achievement of receiving the 5 Star NetSuite Partner Award for 3 consecutive years.
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