What can you expect from NetSuite CRM in the 2015.1 release?

One of the main benefits of NetSuite is that it is upgraded twice a year, providing new and improved functionality to its customers and ensuring they are always using the most up-to-date technology solutions.
NetSuite is currently rolling out Version 2015 Release 1 to its existing customers, who will be upgraded during the next couple of months. Here we go through some of the expected enhancements to NetSuite CRM.

Expected enhancements to NetSuite CRM

Enhanced mobile capabilities

New NetSuite for Android

NetSuite is launching NetSuite for Android. The version described below will be available as a free download on Google Play at some point after the Version 2015 Release 1 upgrade cycle. An initial version supporting only expense reports and timesheets is already available for download on Google Play –

Manage expenses quickly and easily

Track time using a timer and create a log of time entries for quick reuse
Expected new features:

  • Home dashboard synchronisation – Access key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and scorecards, trend graphs, report snapshots and more.
  • Full record support – Create, edit, delete, and view key record types including leads, customers, sales orders, invoices, expense reports and more.
  • Business action support – Approve sales orders and expense reports, convert estimates, accept customer payments, bill sales orders and more.
  • Complete activity management – Manage calendars across list, week and month views, and view other calendars including those of fellow employees.
  • Record customisation support – All existing customisations including custom forms, fields and scripts are supported.
  • Complete time and expense management – Manage time tracking and expenses quickly and easily, including bulk uploads of multiple images of receipts captured on mobile devices.
  • Saved searches – Get all the results and drill down to the record level using any existing saved search.
  • Quick action support – Tap and hold to map customer locations, initiate phone calls, respond to events, or quickly switch into edit mode.
  • Localisation – Instantly adapts to specified NetSuite language settings and supports multiple currencies.

Please note:

  • NetSuite for Android is optimised for smartphone devices running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.
  • The application supports all standard roles as well as the Employee and Advanced Partner Centres by default. Custom roles require Mobile Device Access permissions to be enabled, see the help topic ‘Mobile Device Access Permission’.

A webinar has been recorded and is now available on SuiteAnswers for those interested in finding out more about NetSuite for Android. Learn how to best leverage it to manage your time and expenses, discover best practice tips, and exciting new features. You can find SuiteAnswers by logging into your NetSuite account and clicking the Support tab. Click ‘Go to SuiteAnswers’, then search ‘Webinar: NetSuite For Android’ and it will come up in the search results.

NetSuite for iPhone

With NetSuite 2015.1, users will be able to do more on their iPhones. NetSuite has made it easier and simpler to use reminders by providing in-app access to reminder results.
From your mobile dashboard, tap on a reminder (such as Opportunities to Close) to see the list and drill down to the record to take action on it instead of launching Safari and logging in again. You can take action on all standard and custom reminders based on saved searches.
They have also opened up the world of SuiteFlow – you can trigger custom workflows such as approvals, and have full access to custom buttons created using SuiteFlow from your iPhone.
Employees can now manage more of the sales process with newly supported transactions including item fulfillments, customer deposits, deposits, return authorisations, and requisitions.
This iPhone app is not yet publicly available, but will be officially released and available for download from the Apple App Store after the Version 2015 Release 1 upgrade cycle.

Automated inbound email processing for any record type

NetSuite’s business process automation ability will get a boost with the release of a new scripting feature. With it, users can set up automated inbound email processing to trigger SuiteScript. In previous releases, you could only automatically process incoming email messages for Support Case, Message, and Event records. But with the Email Capture Plug-in, you can process incoming email messages for any record type in NetSuite.
For example, you can use SuiteScript and the Email Capture Plug-In to define NetSuite functionality that processes invoices, automates task creation and assignment, or automates escalations through email. So, for instance, Accounts Receivable could implement automated invoice processing that enables data to be parsed directly from the email into NetSuite. This will result in greater data integrity, less manual re-keying and a more effective use of resources.
Your NetSuite Administrator or consultant will need to set this up for you.

Generic email capture streamlines processes across the enterprise by leveraging the full power and flexibility of SuiteScript

Improved email marketing campaign management

With 2015 Version 1, NetSuite is releasing enhancements to the Campaign Assistant SuiteApp, making it much easier to create email campaigns.
This wizard-type application guides you through the necessary steps to create an email campaign and add all the important details for your event. You can customise your campaigns easily through the creation and modification of saved searches and event templates to make the perfect target group and template for your email campaign.
The Event Target Group Type step has been added to allow you to select the type of members you want to include in your campaign before creating the actual event target group. Support for the creation and modification of saved searches within this step has also been added to make creating a target group easier.
And creating a dynamic target group is more efficient with the new enhanced saved search. You can now create your own saved search within the Campaign Assistant and edit it as you like. You can also create a new saved search by editing the criteria and title of an existing saved search. Existing saved searches can also be edited to fit the criteria for the dynamic target group you wish to create.
This SuiteApp will need to be installed by your NetSuite Administrator or consultant.

Transition from CRMSDK email templates to scriptable templates

NetSuite 2015.1 continues phasing-out CRMSDK email templates and transitioning to the new scriptable format. Existing CRMSDK templates will continue to function in this version, but users will no longer be able to edit them. Users wishing to edit existing CRMSDK templates must now convert them. For more information, see the help topic ‘Converting CRMSDK Templates to Scriptable Templates’. 
Please note:  From Version 2015 Release 2, users will no longer be able to use CRMSDK templates. Users are encouraged to begin converting templates to the new format as soon as possible.
If you would like any further information on any of the expected changes to NetSuite CRM during the 2015.1 release, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.
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