How to Get a Government Grant for New Software

How to Get a Government Grant for New Software


Government grants are available to UK companies now for new IT implementations. These grants can cover as much as 100% of the cost in the first year.

We’re now looking to apply our expertise and knowledge of the grants process to help others achieve monetary awards. So, if you’re considering NetSuite as a new system, then you too could benefit from grant funding.

How can NoBlue help with a grant?

If you are thinking of implementing new ERP software, such as NetSuite, we can help you. We have the experience of working with several companies in applying for grants and securing some significant amounts of funding.

Recently, we secured a government grant for ecoHarmony. The company couldn’t have afforded to implement NetSuite without additional funding, so we were pleased to be able to help them. NoBlue’s assistance in helping ecoHarmony to obtain the vital money meant the project could be realised, leading to ecoHarmony gaining efficiency, improving visibility and even staying open for business during the Covid pandemic.

The grant application process involves some time and effort. But NoBlue will support you and take most of that burden away from you.

What’s the process?

If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with us. We will arrange a discovery call with you to find out more about your company, allowing us to research the grants that you are eligible for. We’ll let you know how much you might be able to procure and what you need to do to apply for them. We can harness our experience of doing this for other companies, ensuring you the best possible chance of success.

We’ll come to you and run a workshop to document and assess your company processes. We’ll align these with NetSuite and fully scope out the right solution for you and produce a full statement of works. We’ll then help you with the grant applications and provide all the supporting documentation you’ll need.

NoBlue consultants will guide you through the process at every stage. And all of this will be entirely free and without risk. If you don’t obtain the grants, or you decide you don’t want to go ahead, it will have cost you nothing but your time.

Will these government grant schemes last?

Of course, with economic pressures due to Covid, there is never any guarantee that schemes will continue. And the larger ones are guaranteed, but only based on a finite amount of money, so once that has been allocated, the scheme will end. Effectively, the funding is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so companies that apply now will have the best chance of success.

Why NetSuite?

We’re seeing a rise in the number companies looking at NetSuite at the moment. Covid has meant an increase in remote working, and NetSuite – which is based entirely in the cloud – is perfect for this. Ecommerce integration is also helping many to ensure they are still open for business, effectively helping them bounce back from poor in-store sales and high street issues like lower footfall or reduced opening hours.

Aside from that, NetSuite also has many features that address the revised processes that are coming into law as a result of the UK leaving the EU. Some of these changes due to Brexit are burdensome for businesses that are encountering them for the first time. But NetSuite facilitates and automates these new processes, streamlining and simplifying operations for those companies that are affected.

How can I find out more?

Discover if you are eligible for a substantial government grant for your new IT implementation by getting in touch with us today. You can book an appointment or contact the office. One of our certified consultants will get right back to you.


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