NetSuite Announces Artificial Intelligence Order Management at SuiteConnect EMEA

For the 3rd consecutive year NetSuite has come to London to host their prestigious SuiteConnect event. On the 11th October SuiteConnect EMEA kicked off with none other than Zach Nelson and his keynote speech on “The Last Computing Architecture” similar to the keynote speech Zach did at SuiteWorld 2016.
Speaking to partners and attendees, Zach reiterates the importance of the cloud and how he believes it’s the last computing platform. He added “companies who don’t build their business models around cloud are unlikely to make it past the next five years.”

The cloud is the last computing platform

“We’ve gone through a lot of transitions in technology,” Zach said. “We’ve gone through the mainframe era because disks were expensive and CPU was expensive. Then we went to the PC era where disks got cheaper and CPU got cheaper and now we’ve gone to the cloud era which really straddles both of those worlds. And my argument is, that those were 20-year disruptions, but this is the last disruption. This is it.”
“And that’s a very dangerous thing to say, it’s usually the last thing a CEO says before he gets fired. But what is there after all of your data – your personal, business and home data – is available on any device, anytime, anywhere? There’s nothing else. This is it. The people who win this battle are going to win for 100 years, not 20 years.”
Zach Nelson finished with a firm warning for non cloud based enterprises – “If you’re not building your business on the cloud, you’re going to be a 5 year company, not a 100 year company.”

Artificial Intelligence Order Management

During Zach Nelsons keynote speech he went on to announce NetSuite is looking to expand their ERP systems with an artificial intelligence order management product. Information about this AI order management product is scarce as of right now but we do know the AI order management will augment customer information to make business processes more responsive with specific users.
Zach Nelson explains “Order management is the heart of NetSuite. Our first foray into artificial intelligence is around how the order is processed, how it is reordered and restocked. What we are working on is making business processes intelligent; being able to do more automation within your business processes without you having to touch it. The machine understands the most efficient way to deliver products to the customers.”
As this is the first time artificial intelligence has been integrated into a NetSuite solution, we have very little details of what to expect or what the outcome will be. However, one thing we are certain of, if this proves to be a success and NetSuite can further develop their artificial intelligence, we can expect to see it rolled out across more of the NetSuite products making the solution as a whole even better.
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