NetSuite named as one of America's most trusted companies

In an environment where customer trust in many organisations is at an all-time low, it will be reassuring for investors and buyers to know there are still some firms out there that are giving great service and operating in accordance with values of integrity and openness.
Some of the best of these have been highlighted by Forbes magazine and GMI Ratings, which have once again come up with a list of the 100 most trustworthy companies operating in the US. And it turns out one of the best performers for 2012 is NetSuite.
The IT services provider recorded an accounting and governance risk (AGR) score of 99 out of 100 for the way the business is run and how it provides reassurances to its investors. It was one of just ten companies to achieve such a high score – and the only large firm to hit this level.
Vice-chair and chief executive of GMI James Kaplan commented on the research, noting: “We think it’s important to recognise that in this environment of negativity, there are companies that do a consistently good job of managing their business.”
The score was calculated using a wide variety of factors, such as accounting practices, corporate governance structure and how firms report asset valuations.
It also penalises companies for issues such as excessive executive compensation, high management turnover or incentive structures that encourage staff to chase short-term gains at the expense of long-term stability.
Mr Kaplan explained the unique way the list is compiled should give investors and customers a better idea of the true situation of a company, as it uses governance and forensic accounting methods that are not usually used in traditional business analyses.
“These extra-financial measures are, in our view, an important factor in trying to understand value,” he said. “Secondly, to our knowledge there are no other lists that focus on the trustworthiness of a business.”
It was also noted that the highest-scoring firms tend to outperform their peers, while the greatest benefit of a well-managed company is reduced exposure to risk. Therefore, if you’re looking for software to help transform your business, you can have confidence that NetSuite is not only a very trustworthy company, but as they run their business on their own system if you need to demonstrate the same level of financial accountability then who better to entrust than a company that “eats its own dog food”?
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