The top ten features of NetSuite CRM

The top ten features of NetSuite CRM

Thousands of businesses around the world use NetSuite CRM software. Its intuitive interface and long list of features make it an ideal choice for businesses in a wide range of industries. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s the right software for your company, here are ten of the top features that have lead so many businesses to choose NetSuite.

1. Customer Management

Having a complete overview of all your customers is invaluable. NetSuite CRM doesn’t just give you easy access to customer contact information but to all types of customer interaction. This includes sales history, support correspondence and shipping status. With this information, you can build a profile of each of your customers, and use it to serve them better.

2. Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting is vital for capitalising on opportunities. With NetSuite CRM you have all the real-time data you need to predict sales. Its comprehensive range of forecasting tools includes a system of checks and balances that triangulate the sales forecast and give you key insight into sales opportunities and how they’re likely to impact your overall targets.

3. Time Tracking

NetSuite take the old business adage ‘time is money’ very seriously in the design of their CRM solution. Their software lets you track the time your staff spend on individual interactions with incredible accuracy so you get better insight into the value of each client, customer or lead.

4. Campaign Management

Part of NetSuite CRM’s marketing automation tools, campaign management allows you to create marketing campaigns that are based on solid data rather than hunches. With access to a wide range of information about your customers, including demographics, response patterns, purchase trends and support history, you can optimise your marketing campaigns to deliver the best results.

5. Email Marketing

Being able to manage all your email marketing campaigns in the same system is a huge benefit of NetSuite CRM. You can create highly targeted campaigns with compelling content and even target specific sections of your list to maximise your open rates. The emails you send your contacts (and their interactions) are then stored within that person’s record.

6. Incentive Compensation

Incentive compensation gives your sales force full visibility into current sales incentives and also completely automates key processes such as commission calculation and closed sales order flow. This cuts down the risk of error drastically.

7. Opportunity Management

Opportunity management gives your sales team instant access to all the data they need to maximise sales opportunities. All the information they need to see is presented in a structured and intuitive way, including contacts, meeting records and categories of products and services.

8. Lead management

NetSuite CRM seamlessly aligns marketing and sales functions, allowing you to manage lead generation, tracking from initial lead capture to opportunity, all the way through to customer. By tracking their journey, you are able to build a full profile and truly personalise your approach.

9. Real-time Dashboards

The real-time dashboards in NetSuite CRM are a key part of the customer management tools. They let your customer service, sales and marketing teams identify key stats at a glance to help inform their work. Information such as number of calls resolved, call volume, open opportunities and response levels to email campaigns is all available in real-time, so your teams can streamline their processes and optimise their outcomes.

Being cloud-based means these records can even be accessed and updated from anywhere at any time. The dashboards are also customisable so every employee can choose to see the data that is relevant to them.

10. Reporting and analytics

Access a multitude of reports in real-time so you can create personalised reports quickly and easily, that allow you to monitor the key performance indicators that are important to you. NoBlue is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of NetSuite CRM and NetSuite ERP. If you’d like more information on how it can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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