How NetSuite can help retailers steamline their returns process

In our related article “Challenges for B2C retailers – dealing with returns”, we discussed how a poorly-managed returns process can cause administrative headaches for online retailers, as well as making customers more likely to take their business elsewhere. Here we explain how NetSuite can help make dealing with returns and complying with the Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) easier.
The DSRs give the consumer rights, for any reason at all, to return goods they have purchased online within 7 days for a full refund and, though there are certain exceptions (bespoke and custom built items for example), this legal obligation is one that incurs quite an administrative overhead. It is important to get this right and maintain the service levels your customers will be expecting.
When we talk about this process we inevitably refer to what is commonly known as the “Amazon experience” as this is a process that they have got absolutely spot-on. Their instant result, no-quibble returns process is a joy for the consumer, but in the background they have introduced self-print labels with barcodes that allow them to quickly and easily process thousands of parcels accurately.
Fortunately, NetSuite goes a long way to providing our users with this capability – from customers being able to initiate returns themselves through the customer centre through to email or phone-based requests, NetSuite can be used to track the exact sale reference with the specific item to be returned. It provides a “Returns Merchandise Authorisation (RMA)” number which can link directly with the request so as soon as the item is received as part of the standard goods received process, the customer can be notified and a refund can be processed.
Perhaps even more importantly, it allows for full reporting on which items, areas or customers initiate the most returns. This provides you with the vital information you need to improve your service.
If you would like to find out more about how NetSuite could help with the challenges associated with dealing with returns, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.
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