Suiteworld 2012 – Day 1.1 – Take-off

Saturday 12th of May, 2012.
Timezone: GMT
SuiteWorld 2012 LogoSecurity at Heathrow is an interesting microcosm of all that is utterly awful where travel by cigar tube is concerned. Long queues, unsmiling passengers and the new sport of stuffing as many sub-100ml tubes in to a clear plastic bag as you can whilst hopping along to maintain your place in the aforementioned, slow moving queue. Of course if you’re smug / smart / experienced enough in this game you’ve already done this preparation beforehand but I can quite easily pick out those that will cause the longest wait in any queue.
“Take your shoes off please sir, any belts, loose change please go in the tray and step through the metal detector.”
*beep beep*
“Come back through the metal detector please sir.”
“And again please sir.”
*beep beep*
“OK, please step this way and in to this pod please sir”
This was a new experience: The dreaded “body scanner”. This is what it might look like:.

Don’t worry, it isn’t mine… in fact I’m not sure it’s a human but there we go. I did fancy singing whilst I was inside but the people with the magnetic swipe wands are even scarier than the machine gun toting coppers!
Whilst redressing myself and collecting my items they also decided to test the liquids that I had diligently pre-packed in to the requisite sized bottles and, finally, I was on my way. I mentioned earlier that I have a talent for picking out those who will cause delay in any queue at Airport security so let me tell you how I do it. I find the nearest reflective surface and I look in to it.
However with this delay there came the opportunity to bump in to a contact from NetSuite, Alix, who other than being extremely helpful is also a great person to see before anyone else does if for no other reason than if you have questions you should get them in early because, and it’s a testament to what she does for NetSuite, as soon as you’re not the only people around it’s very difficult to get a moment of your own. We grabbed some breakfast, made the mandatory rounds of Heathrow Duty-Free and made our way to the gate. Knowing that we had a good seat and everything seemed to be on-time and going according to plan made this part of our journey really quite tolerable.
Which is quite a contrast to the return journey, but we’ll come to that in due course.
SuiteWorld, here we come.


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