SuiteWorld 2012 – Day 3 – 4440 Rocks! (The new HQ of

Monday 13th of May, 2012.
Timezone: PST
Though we had pretty much settled straight in to the timezone – it always being much easier, in my experience, to fly West – it still required a bit of acclimatisation before we made our way to Los Altos in time for our meeting with Eric, Karen, Dan and John at the new headquarters in Los Altos. We arrived in good time for our 9am meeting mostly because we had spent the last 30 minutes looking for somewhere to eat. How, I ask, is it possible to drive for more than 10 miles and not see somewhere that you can eat at in the United States!? HQHow it was possible, I don’t know – but we managed it. Fortunately are one of those great breed of companies that stock kitchens with all manner of goodies for their team (as well as allowing them to transport themselves around on foot-powered scooters!) so fuelled by fruit and coffee we made our way round the building to meet some of the team and spent a very productive time talking with the management. For a company that has experienced such fantastic success and growth and who are, in my opinion, well on their way to an IPO it is to their great credit that, even though there may only be ten of us (at the time of writing) at NoBlue they were most welcoming and engaging and it was great to get a preview of their roadmap and future aspirations in terms of Box functionality and the managed integration with NetSuite.
A point to note, we obviously use Box at NoBlue and it adds enormously to our capabilities, especially with the integration to NetSuite, and it’s much, much more than just a cloud file storage solution.
Shameless plug out of the way and if you visit our Google+ page you can see more pictures of our visit, including the AWESOME slide (Obviously I had a go, it would be rude not to).


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