SuiteWorld 2013 – Day 1 – Travel

Airports. Wonderful places that they are, should be fair warning against what comes next. The flight. If you’re going on holiday you can normally soothe this pain with the intake of alcohol. Not so today, instead having left Nottingham at 0630 (I hasten to add, this was ON TIME – something that is always planned for with plenty of time for delays. Today? Animals in the road. I don’t know what kind of animals they were, perhaps Leicester City fans? (Says the Forest fan). Ian maintains that it was a herd of Bison) we arrived at Terminal 5 in good time and spirits ready for this years SuiteWorld, the annual NetSuite cloud conference being held in San Jose, California.
So having filled up at the breakfast restaurant we waited to board our British Airways flight to Los Angeles International. It was on-time… until it wasn’t on-time anymore. Problems closing the doors, they said. It would be fixed soon, they claimed. An hour later they had manually closed the doors and we were on our way. The doors were the least of the problems though, it would seem that BA285 has a number of serious issues, ranging from the electrics – which crippled the entertainment system and lights throughout the flight – to being a breeding ground for something that would scare the life out of MRSA.
British Airways: Sort it out. We always like to see a positive however, so credit to the staff and their professionalism which made the flight much more bearable than it would have been otherwise.
Upon landing at LAX we settled in for a four hour layover, made excruciatingly painful by the Dick Turpin prices of beer! $20 for TWO (yes, TWO!) beers. After we had recovered from the sleep, travel, price and altitude induced rage we had a pizza and continued to our connecting flight to San Jose aboard the a Canadair Regional Jet. Make no mistake: This was a small aircraft, but as it was only a one hour hop it made quick work and didn’t really matter in the scheme of things.
We’ve met some great people already on this trip and it makes the whole experience much more rewarding to form connections with people you would never normally come in to contact with.
When we finally arrived at our hotel we ran in to a sizeable NetSuite contingent – our compatriots for the rest of the conference.


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