SuiteWorld 2013 – Day 3 – It isn’t a job anymore, it’s a cause.

SuiteWorld, since its inception, has followed the same pattern. Today, the first day of attendees, was kicked off with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson presenting his keynote based around the theme of heroes, of which there are 3 types:

  1. Customers
  2. Partners, of which there are now 700 globally
  3. Employees, of which there are now more than 2,000 globally

But that isn’t the whole story, See, after more than 15 years of NetSuite (previously NetLedger), more than 16,000 customers and quite phenomenal growth over the last few years (NetSuite have increased their revenue by an order of 90 in the last 10 years) the mission hasn’t changed – but the understanding why it is working, has.
Zach asked, as do we, “Why isn’t everybody using NetSuite?” It’s such a fantastic system, which offers such a huge leap in terms of functionality, that when compared with “Send Another Payment” or “Microsoft Static (Dynamics)” it can be hard to understand why people continue to use or choose them. He suggests that the goal of “Helping entrepreneurs succeed” fills this gap.
People who choose NetSuite and many of the companies that select the solution to run their business, share some common attributes:

  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Innovators

For those that those who can get their head round the power and potential of the system it is the natural choice and with $190,000,000 in the bank, accelerating uptake and $73,000,000,000 (yes, billion) being transacted on the platform in 12 months the users of NetSuite combine to generate more than all but the highest GDP’s of countries around the world.
And this is power you can have at a company with as few as two users? No wonder people can be sceptical about looking at such a system – surely the cost must be prohibitive? As with all things, the value must be justified and, in the beginning, the value proposition was exactly this – and over the course of the day we met with a number of early customers of NetSuite who have grown with the business.
But there is a new trend. Whilst previously small businesses wanted the power of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions previously reserved for those with multi-million pound budgets – now those very same enterprises are turning to NetSuite to gain the benefit of Agility that is symbolic of the small business. Companies such as Williams-Sonoma, who launched 4 brands and a number of stores and an integrated, omni-channel shopper experience in Australia over a period of three months. Not years, months. From scratch; which is nothing short of phenomenal and NetSuite is the only solution on the market that can do it – in fact; it’s the only thing that comes anywhere close.
We heard how the R&D in to manufacturing is moving forward at an ever increasing pace, with the announcement of an integrated PLM (Product lifecycle management) solution with AutoDesk which reinforced the discussions held the day previously as regards yet more access being provided to the platform for providing that extra bit of customisation and integration that takes NetSuite that extra mile of business process and transformation that forms part of the reason NetSuite is so effective: That bit that their customers do which makes them different, their competitive advantage.
This was highlighted with the ever growing members of the SDN (Suite Cloud Developer Network) which now totals more than7,200.
Over 23,000 SuiteApps have been installed, an average of just under 2 per customer.
In hearing this and over the course of the day my view of what we do at NoBlue has changed. Our belief in the platform is unwavering and I consider myself really very fortunate to work with such an exciting technology. Introducing NetSuite never really felt like a job – but now?
It’s a cause.


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