SuiteWorld 2016: Day 1 recap. Make bold happen

SuiteWorld 2016 officially kicked off yesterday with thousands of excited guests going through the registration process, our very own Ian Irwin and David Atherton being apart of them. With a lot of day 1 being a meet and greet, getting to know sponsors as well as attendees, there is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming days whereas today was more a relaxed venture.


The 3rd annual NetSuite hackathon took place on the opening day, lasting 12 hours with the purpose being to benefit Juma and Ashoka who are both US based none profit and social enterprises. Developers, partners and customers all attended the event with the CTO of NetSuite, Evan Goldberg being on the judging panel.

Built for NetSuite Tiering

The main announcement from NetSuite was their new “Built for NetSuite” program for SuiteApps. NetSuite Partners can now better distinguish native SuiteApps from hybrid or integrated ones, showing “Built for NetSuite” depth.

Tweet for Stanley

tweet for stanleyOne of the more quirky features of the opening day was the “tweet for Stanley” vending machine. If you saw an influx of #tweeforstanelyXXX tweets yesterday, it was people interacting with the vending machine, being assigned a random number and a hastag in order to pay for their Stanley (or Sally in pink) SuiteWorld mascot.
Whereas this quirky vending machine may seem like a nice free gift or genius social marketing idea, it’s another example of just how extensive NetSuite can be and truly lives up to the “make bold happen” slogan that features all around the event. Of course if a little pocket sized Stanley isn’t enough, a full sized mascot keeps visitors happy with the abundance of pictures available to view on social media.

More to come in day 2

With the opening day out the way, the next couple of days will feature action packed keynote speakers, the latest from the world of NetSuite and much more.If you can’t make it to SuiteWorld 2016, you can always tune into some of their live stream events;
9:00am – 10:30am (5pm-6:30pm BST time) speakers Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite and Jim McGeever, President & COO of NetSuite will be speaking about the last computer architecture.
11:00am – 12:30pm (7:00pm-8:30pm BST time) speaker Evan Goldberg, founder, CTO and chairman of the board for NetSuite addresses the audience with a section called “To Boldy go..”
To watch these keynote speakers and live stream the key parts of the event, follow this link to register and keep up to date with the latest from SuiteWorld.
Not only that but we will be covering as much of the event as we can through Facebook, Twitter and through our SuiteWorld blog.


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