SuiteWorld 2016: Day 3 recap. Industry Specific Keynotes

The penultimate day of SuiteWorld 2016 saw the addition of more keynote speakers however for the first time in the events history, they were broken down into 4 different sectors; Software, Services, Wholesale Distribution & Manufacturing and Retail.
All of the industry specific keynotes kicked off at the same time, lasting for an hour and a half each but without the theatrics of dummers or other performances. Today’s keynotes were all devised to offer industry specific, in-depth information about NetSuite and how it’s adapting their services to encourage growth as well as security for it’s customers.
Unfortunately because of this there are no video recaps for each of the keynotes however we have gathered as much information as possible and condensed it into this blog.

Software – From start-up to global enterprise

The ever present Evan Goldberg alongside Ron Gill (CFO of NetSuite) gave the keynote presentation on software, stating “You need good systems to run a business“.
One slide depicts NetSuite as the only solution that is purpose built for software/internet, the only global cloud based ERP, the only solution that scales with your growth and the only platform to future proof your business. This bold statement is backed up by the fact over 1500 software specific companies use NetSuite.
A feature which seems very popular with service based businesses is the ability to create purpose built dashbboards which can help start-ups to track and identify key metrics. Moving on from start-ups, Evan goes on to say if you want to become a successful mid-market organisation, you have to build process that work to scale.
Along with a quick demo of SuiteBilling, some of it’s features and how it looks, Keith Krach (CEO of Docusign) joins the presentation to speak about hyper-growth and how they are handling the “growth cycle”. After going on to say Docusigns biggest competitor/enemy is paper, they announce that Docusign will be working alongside NetSuite with the latter selling on their service to current and new customers as an integrated reseller.

Services – Best outcome: empowering your firm for excellence amid change

Led by Jason Maynard, Gary Wiessinger and Chris Hering, this keynote presentation was all about services with Jason saying “Hybrid business models are the new black”.
The enterprises and businesses are moving to a hybrid model, success is customer engagement in all verticals. The services industry dominates the GDP with NetSuite leading the market for reach and capability.
After speaking  a bit about the services industry and how NetSuite can benefit service based businesses, Gary then goes to show off the new project management tools as well as budgeting design which gives far better visibility to a business.

Wholesale Distribution – Building the future

This keynote presentation was hosted by Jim McGeever and Paul Ferrell in-front of a packed out audience. In 2015 NetSuite added over 650 wholesale distribution and manufacturing customers to their portfolio.
With the wholesale distribution and manufacturing sector growing within NetSuite, Jim McGeever reveals that significant investment will be put into supply chain management to help further develop NetSuite’s possibilities and he expects this to begin next year in 2017. Supply chain management is one of, if not the fastest growing vertical for wholesale development.
An interesting stat from Jim, more wholesale distribution and manufacturing customers of NetSuite run SuiteCommerce then their retail customers. NetSuite also vows to add new platform features as well as capabilities.

Retail – Retailer’s Blueprint for Success

Andy Lloyd and Branden Jenkins are the keynote speakers who tackle NetSuite and retail. They start by emphasising the importance of customer interaction through digital means, there is now a much greater need for retail businesses to become more flexible with how digital interaction is managed.
Because of the importance of customer interaction and customer service, NetSuite has blended the back end systems of records with front end systems of engagement.
As well as the importance of customers, employees empower your business. NetSuite helps them to become your businesses brand ambassadors by empowering them with the tools and features NetSuite has to offer. IT, content and employee impediments are the top challengers for retailers according to Branden, NetSuite aims to be the only solution needed.
Moving onto customer satisfaction, NetSuite is able to promise that product customers so desire. For example a customer “clicks to collect” in store, NetSuite knows where inventory is located, how much is in stock and can process this request without any issues. When a users does this, NetSuite adjusts stock levels and order information, ensuring the product the customer was promised is waiting for them in store, hassle free.
Finally NetSuite announces retail apparel which we will have some more information on shortly.


It’s not all work and keynotes

If SuiteWorld is one thing, it certainly isn’t boring. From day one the teams at Stop Hunger Now and NetSuite have been working to weigh up 50,000 bags of food with only people attending SuiteWorld able to help out. With one day left to spare, the participants at SutieWorld have already smashed the target, accumulating 67,824 meals made with one more day left to go.
After a busy day of keynotes and networking, SuiteWorld attendee’s were able to burn up any extra energy with a rock show. Special guests such as the Royal Machines, Dave Navarro, Mark McGrath, Billy Idol and the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne all performing.
The final day of SuiteWorld promises to be a lot more relaxing with no keynote presentations scheduled, a day of networking and soaking in the ambiance that is NetSuite.


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